I rode to work for the first time in ages, due to being away, and moving, and it was awesome. Right near Homebush train station, there is a new a magical shared path right near the station which goes to Olympic Park, then it's old paths through bushland, and over the river into Meadowbank. Then there's some average and quiet roads to Shrimpton Creek and Macquarie (Car) Park. Clearly, this missing middle would benefit from separated paths past the busy sections.

At Meadowbank, they're redoing the TAFE and turning it into an "Education Precinct". This would be a prime opportunity to get a path through government owned, and therefore kind of public, land.

It's a state significant project, so not sure if we can persuade anyone, plus the preliminary NSW govt. consultation finished in November, but for what it's worth I wrote an email to the education department. I was hoping maybe a few more of our regulars on this site might send one as well? Harder to ignore a dozen emails than a solitary one.

Email for education projects: schoolinfrastructure@det.nsw.edu.au
Parking is always a major headache. It consumes vast amounts of space on most education sites.
You may/may not be aware, but the Meadowbank education precinct lies on a major bike route, which links Olympic Park/Rhodes, and Shrimpton Creek/Macquarie University.
There is a great opportunity to encourage active transport, that is for students to arrive by bicycle.
If I could have my wish list for this new precinct, it would be:
- have a couple of areas set aside for bike parking at convenient locations
- next to the railway, provide a wide shared path for walking and cycling. This would link Olympic Park, and the path to Shrimpton Creek next to Macquarie Park. At present riders and walkers need to go right around the current TAFE site on busy uncomfortable roads.
- work with council to provide safe biking and walking routes to school.
Australia is one of the most obese nations on earth thanks to our car centric transport and buildings planning, which encourages more people to arrive by car, and always compounds the problems.
Yours sincerely
Edward Re 
Project info:
There might be another chance to have further input later to NSW govt:

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