Do you love liveable streets and people friendly cities? Sure you do, we all do, and few cities have transformed themselves as profoundly in recent years as New York City - in large part thanks to the leadership of Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner, NYC Dept. of Transportation.


They said it couldn't be done, but an inspired vision is turning traffic-choked NY streets into welcoming pedestrian friendly spaces. At a special one-night talk on Thursday 11 November at Sydney's Town Hall, Ms Sadik-Khan will describe how Broadway has been redesigned to include a bike lane and pedestrian plazas, and how Madison Square, Times Square and other areas have been revitalised by new public space.


Her talk will have clear parallels and insights for Sydney’s own plans to improve traffic flow, revitalise the City Centre and secure Sydney's position as a green, global, connected city.


A panel discussion will follow Ms Sadik-Khan's talk and will include:

  • Ms Sadik-Khan,
  • Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP,
  • Hon. David Borger MP. Minister for Roads, Minister for Western Sydney,
  • Matthew Moore, Urban Affairs Editor, Sydney Morning Herald,
  • Gail Connolly, Executive Manager Transforming Sydney, City of Sydney,
  • John Choi, Architect for Choi Ropiha Fighera.


This is a blockbuster City Talk and seats will book out. The City Talk is FREE but you MUST book your seat in advance!


To make a booking call the City's Angel Place Box Office on 8256 222 or book your FREE seat online at:



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There will be free bike valet parking in the square next to Town Hall. Entrance to the parking will be next to the big anchor.
I'm going... she's meant to be an awesome speaker!

Should be good - im going to go along too.
Did Alan get his invite
I'm going to hear David Borger speak.

Seriously, I know what Janette Sadik-Khan will say; the interesting thing will be seeing how Borger appears.
Not sure what sort of power David Borger will have - his government is failing. Although i recently saw they have a surplus - electricity sale or something? It would be great if he read up on NYs ideas and formed some plans before he talked to us. But yes - maybe some thoughts from the RTA before he speaks to us - or we can ask questions to him - to ask the RTA what they think of the NY experience. Having an opposition spokesperson there to debate it might be a good idea as well.
So what were some of your thoughts on this? It would be so amazing to do things as quickly as how New York has done things. Paint and block and pots and deck chairs and beach umbrellas - no need for massive over engineered cycleways.

What was Borger on about with his Penrith mall and Parramatta mall vs George St. Western subs mentality doesn't work in the city. Is Pitt St Mall dead? Was he giving us any chance that something could happen - or was there only a do nothing attitude?
Yes too would love to see change happen here with the same speed New York has achieved. But we don't have a system of government like New York's (or any US City or London) where there is a whole of city government. New York City Dept of Transport doesn't have to negotiate with an RTA. I think that's a fundamental difference.

Borger was sadly out of touch. 20 year old suburban examples of pedestrian malls that did not live up to expectations was hardly a compelling argument to not consider transforming George Street into a pedestrian/cycling/light rail corridor.

What do you think about his idea of removing clearways to revitalise Parramatta Road as a retail destination?
Agreed. Him quoting the Forum on Norton St as a reason to back off from pedestrianising George St did not work for me.

But Clover's team has pressed on with a reform agenda. They won't stop and they have huge support.
Revitalising Parra road sounds good, but removing clearways to get on-street parking is problematic. The manoeuvering in and out of spots really chokes off a second lane as well, and the retailing would be car based.

I'm not sure exactly what he has in mind as I wasn't there. But in my mind without making the shopping a people place it would fail. So one lane at least would have to go just to get some space. Traffic would have to be down to 30 km/h to cut noise and pollution. Or the roadway elevated above street level leaving a proper street below. And and and.

A hell of a nightmare to unravel now it has been a 6 lane motorway for years.
Parramatta Road makes a great bike route.
Couldn't make the talks last night but would love to see Parramatta Road redone.

Is so sad if you are driving/bus/riding back into Sydney using Parramatta Rd you'd think you were driving into some dump of a town not a major city. Would make such a great impact if it was people friendly space with lots of shops/cafes/bars etc


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