The launched it today. BYO helmet with a $50 annual membership fee, which will make me less likely to use it when visiting.

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FAQ 11. Will helmets be supplied with the bikes?
Helmets are not supplied with the bikes. The main reason for this is due to safety. We cannot compromise on the safety of our users; if we were to provide helmets with the bikes we would need to check every helmet after each ride to ensure they are not damaged - and are clean.
Those using the scheme will need to bring their own helmet or purchase one from a handy location near the bike station.
In addition, subscribers to Melbourne Bike Share will have the option of purchasing a low cost helmet with their annual membership.

That should put the curse on it.
I'm wondering if:

1. Melbournians will become scofflaws, riding the bikes sans helmets because, er, they want to get somewhere nearby on a whim and don't happen to be lugging a helmet.


2a - this becomes the default approach, people become used to the shock horror concept of cycling without a helmet, and the law loses relevance.


2b - the Melbourne Plod decide to get all enforcer about it, cos they think it's good PR, and besides there's nothing an official likes more than being officious, and the scheme doesn't have much uptake, and the RACV doesn't try to hard to push it anyway cos the "C" in RACV sure as hell isn't "cycle", and then the rest of Australia will say, "they tried it in Melbourne, didn't work, we're not Europe you know".
seems 2b is sad
How about a hip hip hooray?? This is awesome news for the cycling world. You can buy a a daily subscription for $2.50 per day.
If I was travelling down there, I'd sign on for easy transport and to check out all the stuff they've said about Melbourne bike facilities.
$10 per hour after the first 90 minutes !! That could get expensive
$10 per half hour after the first 90 minutes is what I found. Even more expensive!
Most of the schemes are based on the concept of a short trip. You are not meant to borrow the bike the whole day, simply for a single trip from A to B, then return it straight away. How many trips are more than 90 minutes?
Fair enough.

Let's hope it is a raging success, leading to more cyclists on the roads and a resultant increase in safety that is widely reported when cyclist numbers increase.
From what I read of Copenhagenize's trip to Paris, if you need a bike for longer you simply check in the one you have and take out a different one so the free of charge period resets. One imagines/hopes the Melbourne system allows the same practice.
Well the fact they are expecting more fines this year than last with helmet infringements - and the fact they have budgeted for $1million in fines this year - esp with the new fine increase from $58 to now $146.

The police are just waiting for all the silly tourists to do something wrong and they will be booking people. Just get a helmet. Its not that hard to carry around with you.
It won't be quite as exy as you think:

Daily & Weekly subscriptions
If you don’t need an annual subscription, select either our daily or weekly subscriptions. You can choose from a daily subscription ($2.50 per day) or a weekly subscription ($8.00 per week). Both of these subscriptions can be purchased at one of the 50 terminals around the city of Melbourne. Simply swipe your credit card, complete the registration details and off you go – no additional charges apply as long as your trip lasts less than 30 minutes (Usage fees apply for longer trips). long as you don't get stuck in (cycle?) traffic and go over 30 min. And as long as you remember to bring your helmet, in case of a sudden burst of spontaneity, to avoid contributing to the Victorian budget surplus.
I think its definitely aimed at Uni students and some office workers more than tourists IMO - they should maybe have catered for the weekend sports fan as well. Not having a bike station at the MCG or Docklands or Albert Park is a bit silly. Also one at Southern Cross Station and something up on Brunswick St would have been good. They may increase stations in the future.


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