The launched it today. BYO helmet with a $50 annual membership fee, which will make me less likely to use it when visiting.

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Each bike gets used around once per day Peter. That is a hell of a long way off anything that could be considered reasonably successful.

Pretty much the same situation as every private motor vehicle that is otherwised parked up all day in the Melbourne CBD too.

As the issue is financial perhaps city parking could be levied to fund the bikes.

In the last contact I had with Bicycle Victoria they stated there was no evidence that helmets were an impediment to the scheme. Their spokesperson Garry Brennan repeatedly suggests the same thing both publicly and privately. They simply don't want bike share to open up a debate on helmet laws and will do anything to avoid it.

Obviously BV is so full of sh!t that no-one in the organisation can see over it, if that's the best they can do.

So Brennan would argue with the Minister, would he?

Can Garry read the Minister's lips?: ''The big hitch FROM DAY ONE was the issue with HELMETS,'' he said.

I went to Melbourne a year ago and a week ago big change in one year heaps more bikes on the roads than 1 year ago Fitzroy was really buzzing with bikes they have three bike shops 

I used the scheme took my own helmet most racks were half full on Saturday the year before I would say only 1/4 of the bikes are being used. The big benefit I can see is you can pick up at one location and ride them to another location you do not need to return to original racks. i.e. I started in the city  rode along the Yarra down past the tennis centre then back to Casino  I could have dropped them off near casino and walked back to the city.

Good scheme I think it just needs time to grow free helmets will help so will another year.

This seems the appropate place for the full stop, after almost 10 years.

Melbourne's bike share scheme canned by the end of the year

Well done Bill, for resurrecting this thread rather than starting a new one!

Sucessful virtually everywhere else.


It must be the 4 seasons-in-a-day effect 


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