(The MMM is continued from over here, due to failed mind-games on the part of its O'riginal pO'ster.)




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A timidly return from leave Neil but will Mr Druery demand a recount and how will the preferences flow from here, waiting anxiously for the below the line counts this week.
"Timidly" ... love it!
It was a gaffe. And it worked.

Meanwhile, over on Shepparton Melbourne Cyclist...


It's great that we've attained 5,000 members, but I just go back to my previous discussion - why aren't there more posts/discussions?

Only the newbies can answer that. Over to you, wont bite.

Hey that's me in the photo posted here that looks like it is part of the site architecture .. :-) !

Well, er, in reply to Bob, I joined to see if it might be a nice way to alert folks to an upcoming event I'm organising .. Bike dating.  (it's a community-oriented, not-profit and a bit of fun for Sydney Rides Festival).

But I'm lurking around first to see what the etiquette is for posting and not be spammy. Would a  discussion of the relative merits or dis-advantages of dating a fellow cyclist be appropriate, perhaps.. ?  Personally, I've got an interest in all the things that make it easier to ride here in Sydney - separated lanes, mainly. And have only just started actually going on longer rides just for fun, so am just checking out the conversations and tips. 

Happy to take any questions (or good natured jesting) about bike dating.. but check the website first! 

Would a discussion of the relative merits or dis-advantages of dating a fellow cyclist be appropriate

Heck, yeah, Bec! (Though, as a cyclist happily married to a cyclist, I could not, of course, take part...)

Allow me to say, however, that there could surely be NO possible disadvantage in having a partner who cycles too.

Well, it might make storing the whole big bicycle collection problematical but that's about all I can think of.

Over to you, member #4998. ;-)

It's taken a while.

But, has anyone noticed we are approaching the massive membership milestO'ne of 6000?

Bound to get there before the end of the week... er, the month... er, the year. For sure!

But nobody talks anymore! Where have all the "discusser's" gone?

We're getting older and either ride less so have less to talk about, or ride more and have less time to talk about it.

Here's something. I decided to start riding just over 10 years ago.


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