Hi Guys,

Looking for a trainer max around $500 for zwifting/online stuff (never done it before though).

At this stage been looking at the below:


Any ideas if standing and pedaling is steady on it?

Any alternatives for a similar cost?

All advice appreciated as I have never used a trainer before, only spin bikes.



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Infernal machines Bhanu, go for a ride instead, cold, wet, dark is good training, you are of course blessed with all those nice hilly routes within an easy ride of your place, I am stuck with mostly flat.

I really should, been averaging one ride a week this entire year i think

Very solid unit. I've had no issues with stability, even with a slightly uneven floor which the manual trainer didn't like.

Setup was a bit fiddly but hasn't required changes since.

Not the best if you use bikes with different size wheels as you need to unscrew the rear roller

I'd probably end up with the same bike on it. How about training wheels/tyre. Do you use a special one, or just the same as the one you use normally on the road?

I use a training tyre because the MTB knobblies just aren't any fun indoors :). 

Road tyres square off very quickly, so I'd use an old one if you have it


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