How long can it take?

I think it's been just about 5 months since the tragic IPWR accident.

Not a word.

Is this normal?


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I am not sure - but I think in more high profile cases the Police might hold back until they are 100% sure they are on the right track.

It would be nice to at least have them say they are working on it, maybe release some preliminary findings etc.... just hint at giving half a toss about road safety.


Yes, and then there was the off duty sergeant who was killed while riding with his daughter in VIC along a road with a good shoulder and long sightlines. No more on that either, and IIRC it happened about the same time as Mike's tragedy.

There might be variation between states & territories (was Mike's in ACT or NSW.) but from previous it seems to take years before an inquest is held

Surely if there were charges to be laid this would happen before the inquest.

Yep, it seems wrong to me, particularly since he was a visitor, I would have thought that there would be pressure to get the process moving along without delay.

His partner is seeking for donations to help her attend the inquest.

After the recent travesty of justice where the jury spat on value of human life : I'm not optimistic any good will come of it, other than victim blaming.

But, still,  donate if you can, I think it'll mean a lot to the people impacted by his passing.

His partner will be very unhappy with the process & no doubt the outcome.

How can you not be charged with a crime when you hit anything from behind? It is essentially a king hit or coward punch.

The Police need to agitate for a complete revamp of traffic laws, where they press charges a jury lets the motorist off. Perhaps a tarffic court, no juries, and strict liability. 

It would save millions of dollars not to mention lives. The amounts spent on futile investaigations resulting in petty or no sentences would have funded many many kilometers of protected bike lanes.



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