After 10 years of loyal service my TdF-yellow, custom-built steel Hillbrick has decided it no long wants to carry two-metre-tall, 96-ish kilogram me.

Because of aforementioned dimensions, I expect my next bike will have to be another custom creation, which will hopefully last at least as long.

Among other things, I'm thinking titanium.

If you were in the market for a racing bike that needed to last a while, what would your considerations be?

Disc brakes?

Di2 shifters?

The combined brains trust (or individuals therein) did me a solid some years ago by urging me to get disc brakes for the Surly tourer, which was A Very Wise Decision.

So, any thoughts? 

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Ti = yes (Lynskey seem to be forever having sales on their different models these days. If you ask NA nicely, he might be able to send you their regular "specials" if interested. They will also build a bespoke if you are wedded to not buying one off the shelf. They guarantee my Backroad tourer as being indestructible, so they might be able to sort something for your size weight and activities. Rim width, double wall and eyelets along with spoke numbers sound pretty important.)

Disc brakes = yes (I have cable discs on my Lynskey Sportive - different componentry to this - and they are more than adequate for my needs)

Di2 shifters = don't know. Seems to be a waste of money for my riding, which is definitely not racing.

I recall the great "affordable Lynskey" search and I like the look of their stuff, but as for "off the shelf" it seems not an option for 6'7" yours truly ...

I expect that makes life difficult for you in many ways! Perhaps this might help. Their claim "we schedule your frame build in the production shop and within a month, you'll be riding" seems to be attractive compared to other special builds that you hear of!

For an Stretch Armstrong off the rack type...(get it off the rack, stretch.. No? Umm, oh well)
be worth to ping a message to zinn

and the fast ones here...
Would be able to build or have something that would be up for the task of resistance to your ability to break stuff.

I think forks on a big frame is really the issue you need to sort out in regard to road discs vs calipers. Get the right fork and yes go discs as the hubs and wheels are now much better than what you could get a few years ago.

For me, would be thinking no less than a Woundup touring/ cx carbon fork.  Guess better ones are coming onto the market all the time but Woundups still keep geeting made so something good must be going on. A steel one would also be good but not sure how that would go with a Ti frame.

Fancy Di electro shifting? No idea so would suggest you consider the baa cons option instead.

I'd be interested to hear, as a fellow steel Hillbrick owner, how it's become clear that yours has "decided it no long wants to carry two-metre-tall, 96-ish kilogram" you.

And I wonder if Paul is building Ti bikes now...

Seems not.

Of course, there's always Mr Baum of Australia Post fame, if the queue isn't too long. It usually is at the post office. :-(

Doesn't Mr O' have a friend with a Baum? I'm sure Darren could do one in an adult size.

Perhaps Mr O' could test ride his friends Baum , you know to see if it is a close fit.

Yep, that'll work fine.

Doubt that is quite the Grand Fond(Mr)Oh bike style he would consider given his considerable international bike events profile and escalating appearance fees.

Mr O has previously tried riding his friend's bike (this is another one, not the Baum). I think the seatpost needs to be longer.

Umm, I will give the three Qs a go...

1 Flip stem

2 Setback seatpost

3 Longer cranks

oh and 4 find a new bike builder that can read "cms" as centimeters and not think he is seeing numbers in inches?


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