After 10 years of loyal service my TdF-yellow, custom-built steel Hillbrick has decided it no long wants to carry two-metre-tall, 96-ish kilogram me.

Because of aforementioned dimensions, I expect my next bike will have to be another custom creation, which will hopefully last at least as long.

Among other things, I'm thinking titanium.

If you were in the market for a racing bike that needed to last a while, what would your considerations be?

Disc brakes?

Di2 shifters?

The combined brains trust (or individuals therein) did me a solid some years ago by urging me to get disc brakes for the Surly tourer, which was A Very Wise Decision.

So, any thoughts? 

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Yes Dabba, I guess you are correct.

Flexibility AND core strength.

A few years back I had a bike fit in winter after being a bit sick. The bike fitter checked my core strength using the plank and stopwatch method. I was piss weak.

He shifted everything on my bike around and flipped my stem to raise and move the bars a little closer. 

Since then I've HTFU'd and concentrate a lot more on my flexibility and my core strength - I have flipped the stem right way up now to drop to more aero position.

If I have a long time off the bike, or am carrying an injury like lower back strain, or feel like my core is weak and arms getting tired and sore, I can flip the stem back upside down to reduce strain..

Rivendell A Homer Hilsen, they come in your size and you can put proper sized tyres on that can handle your weight.

It has a spare top tube!

and a spare set of hands. ;o)

mine doesn't, 65cm.

I don't know how many times I've looked at that picture and not seen the hands, but now they can't be unseen!

So, monsterbikes with disc bikes can be done in carbon

This is the biggest carbon frame we've done so far. For a seven foot tall guy in Denmark


Classic or Neuvo?

Disc or rim brakes?

Components By?

Wheel details?

Will you be singing soprano or something else? 


How the hell did you get that footage?
The TC Opera and Croquet society will be onto Mary the vice president as they only gained the rights for this opera for 35 nights once she put up the total naming rights for the TC Spring Carnival races as a guarantee that the venue was would be safe from such underhanded Smartphone filming!!
The main street will be buzzing today and you have put the whole Elton John and Iggy Pop New Years eve tributes to TC event at risk

Re the bike sorry, don’t understand.

But will TC still have the NYE fireworks that Sydney copies? 

Dabba gets it :-)

Still got no idea.

Dabbas questions would be more helpful when the Spandau Ballet manager had auditions for new synthetiser players.


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