After 10 years of loyal service my TdF-yellow, custom-built steel Hillbrick has decided it no long wants to carry two-metre-tall, 96-ish kilogram me.

Because of aforementioned dimensions, I expect my next bike will have to be another custom creation, which will hopefully last at least as long.

Among other things, I'm thinking titanium.

If you were in the market for a racing bike that needed to last a while, what would your considerations be?

Disc brakes?

Di2 shifters?

The combined brains trust (or individuals therein) did me a solid some years ago by urging me to get disc brakes for the Surly tourer, which was A Very Wise Decision.

So, any thoughts? 

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Judging by the frame specs it looks like you'll be able to get one off the shelf rather than a special, although that wheelbase looks snappy. Remember the number of spokes needed.

This one might have enough spokes for even Mr O', I count 108

Yes, but did you? Ride report?

Perhaps he has gone to the dark side?

I've spoken to riders who see e-bikes as some kind of betrayal of the faith,

Recently, I rode an e-bike again for the first time in years, to remind myself of the attractions

...But most of all, there's the easy cruising up hills. Even the famously steep Awaba Street ........ was crested with comparative ease [is that allowed Neil?]

Certainly around my way most of the cyclists I see recently seem to be delivery riders and half of them are on e-bikes, business must be good?


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