Miller St / Blues Pt Road shared path - Nth Sydney

Anyone notice that on the shared path they've installed obstacles to slow down cyclists? I would approve however the gap between the barriers is quite narrow leaving little room for error to pass through.


It doesnt help either when you are riding uphill and need to stop/slow to allow a pedestrian to pass by. Looks quite hazardous to me... thoughts?

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This Thread Is Useless WIthout Pics

It was but it's no longer useless :)
The Miller St shared path you refer to is on my route to work. (I travel from south of the Bridge to Crows Nest.)

I have just an hour ago (10am Fri 24 Sept 2010) stopped to talk to the two Nth Sydney Council workers who installed the chicanes. I have also just spoken to BikeNorth about this unfortunate design. I didn't have a camera with me at the time, but below is a mock-up of the TWO! sets of chicanes. TWO! sets of chicanes.

I've been advised that BikeNorth are aware of this installation and were consulted by Nth Sydney Council prior to their installation. The introduction of the chicanes was apparently required in response to a pedestrian exiting from the adjacent residential tower (green path in the photo below) being knocked over by a southbound cyclists.

My view is that these chicanes are unacceptable. They are very dangerous to unsuspecting southbound cyclists who approach them from a blind corner. This path is VERY POORLY lit. There is presently NO WARNING (signage).

In the MINIMUM, prominent warning signage is required at both ends, but certainly! the northern (Blues Pt Rd) end of the path to warn unsuspecting cyclists of the blockade about to confront them. There is no need for more than one set of chicanes. The obstructions MUST be illuminated.

I would urge those affected to contact Nth Sydney Council about this.

Cathy Edwards-Davis,
North Sydney Council's Traffic Engineer

In the meantime:

Yep, I was pretty shocked last night riding home from North Sydney.

In principle I'm not against one chicane but two is overkill and the two bars for each chicane are way too close together - I found it tough to negotiate each one heading down the hill.

Additionally, the distance between the two chicanes is quite short (maybe two bike lengths - I'll measure tonight) which means if any pedestrians or other cyclists are coming up while you're going down you may have to wait outside the two-chicane area until the others have passed.

It's unfortunate that there was a collision here. I always ring my bell, stick the left and ride slowly, especially at the bottom of the path where someone could easily walk from the left at the blind corner.
this is exactly the point i was trying to put across. if the bars at each chicane are too close going downhill, imagine trying to negotiate them going uphill...

i've already emailed the council. thanks for putting up more detail ramjet
There is presently NO WARNING (signage)

There are very prominent signs saying that bicycles should be ridden at walking speed though, IIRC.
Yep, there is definitely signage to that effect.
Here a pic of the chicanes...

The ones at the top of the hill are very close together, to the extent that I doubt you could get through them pushing a double buggy. My next door neighbour has a big double pram; I might measure the width of it and compare it to the chicane width. I daresay it would also be hard to negotiate in a wheelchair.

Pretty poor if the chicanes also stop mums pushing their children around!
Wow those are tight. Surely they could have spaced them about double this and still had the same traffic calming/wakeup effect?

As it stands, a serious test of the technical skills to get through there without dabbing a foot I'd say!

Still at least they are painted in prominent colours
Bike North was totally opposed to the installation of these obstacles. We have opposed obstacles in the past successfully and we opposed it this time but this time it would appear that those who speed down that path have ruined it for everyone.
I rode down here a week ago, and 2 people were standing in the middle of the path, one with a clipboard. I heard them saying "blah blah..cyclists...blah blah" and then they saw me as I slowed to go around them. They didn't move - just stood there taking up the whole path, so I went around them extra carefully at walking speed as they stood staring at me.

I see now that they were the council people responsible for the chicanes.

We need new guidelines for these sorts of chicanes/obstacles to allow cargo bikes and bike trailers etc. to get through them easily. And to avoid this sort of overkill caused by a single accident to a pedestrian.


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