Miller St / Blues Pt Road shared path - Nth Sydney

Anyone notice that on the shared path they've installed obstacles to slow down cyclists? I would approve however the gap between the barriers is quite narrow leaving little room for error to pass through.


It doesnt help either when you are riding uphill and need to stop/slow to allow a pedestrian to pass by. Looks quite hazardous to me... thoughts?

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The original design of the barriers was overly punitive and non-compliant, it made passage difficult or impossible for people with wheelchairs, mobility scooters, other mobility aids, prams, cargo bikes, child trailers etc. And less agile riders had trouble maintaining their balance when negotiating them.

The redesign still has the desired effect of slowing bike riders coming down the slope and diverting them away from the entrance of the aged care home.

The alternative route via Pacific Hwy is not suitable for people not comfortable sharing the road with cars, trucks and buses doing 60km/h.

I prefer the alternate route as it allows me to bomb down Lavender St which is fun. I cannot negotiate the bars in any case as I dont have enough clearance between feet and front mud guard. I found this out first hand and ended in a stack.
What's wrong with Blue St as a route to the Bridge? Went up there today from the station to Miller St, and it seems reasonably wide, and a nice downhill the other way.
Definitely an option now that the shared path between Blue St and Arthur St has been formalised, though that path has similar issues with steep gradient and the occasional idiot bombing down it terrorising pedestrians. So it's just shifting the problem to another location.

Going north I still prefer Pacific. Fewer buses to contend with and there are 3 lanes so you can take a whole lane without worrying about holding traffic up.


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