Minimum Passing Distance Laws – Getting Police to Act on Video Evidence

Hi All,

The introduction of Minimum Safe Passing Distance Laws in March 2016 was supposed to improve cyclists safety.

My feeling is that it has led to drivers giving us more room overall, but there is still a sociopathic and dangerous section of the driver population that needs a stronger response than just education.

However, simply rocking up with a close pass video to the cop shop will almost always see you get the brush-off. The reason is the "beyond reasonable doubt" test that applies to criminal matters, and the fact police always have more to do than they can fit in their available time.

How do you get around that? You don't. You work with it, and you work the system. Here is how. 

Yes, it is a lot of work, but how much is the life of your fellow cyclist worth? Follow these steps *exactly* and your chance of getting a result and modifying the behaviour of these sociopaths rises dramatically. My success rate so far is three from four.

Part 1: Determining if you have enough evidence to get a prosecution up

Part 2: Making the evidence visual and easy to understand

Part 3: Packaging it up and pushing it through the process

Includes sample submissions

I hope this helps. Feel free to post questions here or on the blog. 

If you think this info is valuable, please share to your social networks. We need to get it circulated as widely as possible.



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good on him, brave man :)

Clearly a cull of stupid people is needed in the Sunshine Coast

Sorry can you explain your comment.  I suspect that it could be misunderstood

I think so too, it was posted elsewhere. After nearly a year.

Still, I will leave it because recent news from Sunshine Coast does confirm.


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