My bike was stolen on July 12. Last night I got it back! A good samaritan who lives nearby saw one of the posters I had put up at the train station, called and said he had noticed a strange bike dumped in a parking lot. Tool kit and lights were missing but otherwise all intact.

Thanks to everyone who offered their condolences and to keep an eye out, and especially to those who offered to beat up the thief if I could track him down! Thanks to Constable Aaron McNab of North Sydney Police Station who took the case very seriously, even though it's just a rusty old bicycle.

Especially big thanks to the anonymous neighbour who spotted my rusty old bike and called. If you see this then my offer of a case of beer or bottle of bubbly to show my gratitude still stands.


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Thats great, wouldve been even better if McNab had Mcnabbed the thief.

Someone pinched my mini-minor once in Newtown. I reported it  to the police station but I found it myself by a wide search of  the back streets, abandoned outside Newtown High. Police wanted me to sign a form saying they had found it.

ICAC now!

Interesting, I suspect they'd been told to "do whatever is necessary" to improve the solved crime stats. Interesting that they were then asking you to commit one (complete a false declaration) to do so! Personally, I would have signed it, and then laid a complaint saying I was forced to...

They'd deny pressuring you, and have you up for making a false statement!

You'd then call on the recordings from the Police Integrity Commission surveillance equipment, because chances are, there was a covert operation on this station, to corroborate your version of events.

But of course, the recordings would mysteriously vanish when your request was made.

So you would then call on the Police Integrity Commission Integrity Commission for their surveillance recordings of the Police Integrity Commission's surveillance operation...

Technically they did find it when you drove it to the police station.


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