Miracle of miracles, Miranda has done a back pedal on her attitude to cyclists. Since about 90% condemned her, she has now retracted (somewhat) what she said. Still, the idiot I must drive at all costs brigade are taking exception.. Again, the hoary old chestnut about motorists paying for all roads raised its ugly head. When will they understand that roads are paid for maily out of general revenue ie taxes, and are therefore for everyone. Still, to see the Devine back down is some sort of miracle! Here's the story; http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/going-berko-over-...

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Maybe a few complaints to the executive editor got through on the readerlink site (http://www.smh.com.au/contacts/readerlink/) that Jon supplied.

Agree it was a pretty weak old retraction though, if that was what it was. The one good thing is the continued pressure on the RTA about the missing link.
I complained to the reader link site, and got informed that Miranda wrote "opinion pieces" base on her own "ho hum" opinions. I asked when a cyclist could have their own opinion piece as some sort of balance, and haven't recieved a reply.
Wow. Now that's not something I expected. I figured her article was 'just clever enough' to avoid the need to issue some sort of retraction.

I wonder if it has something to do with this:
"...many Sydney drivers appear to believe that the roads are for cars only, and that other users are usurpers.
This can be seen in full flower on internet blogs which have discussed last week's incident on the T-way, where the most extreme view claims cyclists have no place on the roads at all.
That is simply wrong, as a matter of law or commonsense.

Given that the SMH editorial calls people who call for the roads to be for cars only 'boorish' and 'extreme', it would look odd for the same paper to have one of its columnists saying exactly that.

Nevertheless, it adds yet another retraction / apology to the list of recent cycle-bashers. It seems that it is simply not possible for people in the media to bash cyclists any more, safe in the knowledge that the vast majority or people will laugh along and agree, whilst the tiny minority of weirdo cyclists can safely be ignored. That minority of cyclists is getting too big. And not weird enough.

The media will stop bashing and start supporting cycling when they perceive it is in their commercial interests to do so. if bashing cyclists risks alienating enough of your readers that your sales figures might drop, then you stop doing it. It seems we are getting to that point.

Once that happens, politicians, who take their cues from the media, will realise that there are votes to be won (and lost) in terms of cycling policy - and perhaps then real change will finally start.

Maybe - just maybe - we are at a tipping point. Real change is still many years away, but the seeds are being sown..
Hey the article has gone missing.

Can people please "cut and paste" the whole article on Sydney cyclist in the future?
Here's the correct link.


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