I saw this in the local paper yesterday:

Now I'd love the missing link fixed, but really, it's only missing because the RMS made it that way when they put the bike lights at the western end of Wilson St. They could solve half of it simply by removing the 'No right turn from cycle path' sign. Instead the council is looking at this abomination. To use it heading west we'd have to cross the Erskineville road traffic flow twice. Heading East it would be OK although we'd have to share on some very crowded footpaths.

This afternoon I did a little research, well, watched the intersection for 15 minutes or so. About 50 cars came from Newtown station direction. ~1 in 4 went down Wilson St, most of the rest down Erskineville Rd, so stopping all oncoming traffic and allowing cyclists to go straight ahead and right would have very little effect. Not that it would happen very often. ~15 cyclists also passed. Only one managed to actually trigger a green.

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Maybe a sign could be erected, Bike Signal Not Broken, It's Designed This Way.

Re club kit, had to obey the No Bikes sign in the Corso at Manly and go round the road for the same reason. It was probably faster anyway, but it doesn't feel right to obey those signs;)

The design IS broken.

I'll accept 'Engineer' when I see the person's degree :-)

Can fully understand those who don't wait, one expects to get a light in a single sequence and the non appearance of a light tells one that the system doesn't know you are there

I suppose the easiest thing, even if it grates,  is to dismount and cross as a ped when there is a gap. No law against that.

But there is no pedestrian crossing at that intersection on the side of the contraflow.  You would have to use 3 pedestrian crossings to go straight ahead.  

And that's stupid,  there should be a pedestrian crossing on both sides

I never turn right from the cycle lane. I ride out onto the intersection, then turn right.

& yes, agree the lights are not broken. They are designed to be disobeyed!

I really couldn't tell whether those >9 out of 10 non-compliant cyclists didn't realise that they had to stop on and stay on the diamonds or they had just given up on the extra poor cycling crossing allowance. Most didn't even try. Just went past the diamonds and stopped beyond them.

so the design here ought to include sensing a rider on approach, and latching that. or just allowing for riders in every cycle.

not sure if drilling out the sense loop circuit would cause the system to switch to a time based default mode.

Need to insert some sense into the traffic light "engineers" first.

As long as we agree that real engineering is not being done presently.

I hate people blaming engineers for the consequences of decisions made by dickhead managers, just as I hate airlines who engage in cluster scheduling blaming ATC for delays.


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