Monorail to be pulled down - get writing to Gladys


And see also Jason B's suggestion to re-use the supports for a cycleway across Pyrmont Bridge

At the very least, this presents an opportunity to reduce the pedestrian-cyclist conflict on Pyrmont Bridge.

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Think of it as something akin to a European town square, such as you see in places like Cologne or Vienna.

Yes, some walkers and cyclists need to cross the square to get somewhere, but others will amble and take photos, and some will just be hanging out. It's all part of the ambience.


It wouldn't make sense to ask people to walk in a line down one section of a town square.


Having said that, European cyclists seem to manage to ride in such places without the need to cut up pedestrians.


exactly, and peds have the courtesy and sense to keep to the side on bridges there, as they used to do in Sydney's horse and cart days.

It's a bridge not a Platz, albeit a go slow one

Agree with getting rid of monorail - but tis allows for a new convention center???  do we really need another big ugly building in darling harbour?  is the convention center really not big enough allready?  

An elevated cycleway across PB using the monorail stanchions terminating at Market St would be just peachy. It'd remove all the conflict.

How much could it cost? The monorail track should easily hold a bolt on cycleway. Could relocate the covers from the stations to make a covered tunnel for most of the length - and they already include windows.

And it could also double as a pilot project to study the feasibility of an elevated cycle network around Sydney!

Should at least get some value out of it - it was such a waste of money - unbelievable how much the pollies crowed about it in the day. I guess the chances of the forward thinking NSW govt running with this are pretty slim?

Write to Gladys about it.

But it has all been done before - albeit 100 years ago, in America (Los Angeles, no less)... but definitely 14.4km of elevated cycleway.

Fantastic stuff, M.R. I love this bit:

Part of the design was to be a completely uninterrupted path by bridging over obstacles like creeks, roads, train tracks, and maintain only the slightest of grades (no more than 3%) [sounds familiar] over the 9 miles of smooth wooden track over an elevation of 600 feet. The entire project would have cost an estimated $187,500 at the time, and included a casino ...

Woohoo!! I think I have an idea about how HarbourLink and other major cycleways can be funded. Duncan, Gladys, George?

Could be a good poster for the sternfart on April 1. They did it in LA, why not here!
Main benefit of the monorail is the line of shadow it casts on PBridge. If it get converted into a wider elevated Bikeway the shade zone will be even better for keeping the sun off. Another selling point?
JasonB also had the brilliant idea that if this ran all the way to say York St or further they could remove the King St fiasco. One problem may be that if the path is about 5 m above street level you would need quite long ramps to come down, and then they would want to put bollards in to slow cyclists down etc.

Bicycle path

The non bike-riding half of Sydney are angry about losing road space to bike paths, the other half are constantly yelling at cars / pedestrians / post boxes that they need more space. So give them the monorail track and let them go for it. It’s flat, it’s circular-ish. It’d be great to see a peloton or two racing around up there. As for lifting the bikes up and down, leave them up there. Perfect way to have a community owned free-bike system!

Read more:

Mr Ohh. I do not understand your post. Is this the topic for this weeks sydcychappyhour?

The thing is fugly.

Best torn down, especially on the heritage bridge


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