Hello!  Does anyone know if the Moore Park cycle bridge is actually intended to be cycled on?

I am new to commuting on my bike and still not that savvy about shared pavements etc I used the newly opened bridge this morning and got ticked off by a foreman for not dismounting and walking.

It seems odd that they've built a very wide bridge but don't allow cycling when so many shared pavements are a lot narrower. 

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After watching the aft view (or 6 flies view - no wonder they changed their name to cycliq or maybe that should be liq cyc) I was thinking that the mid strength beers at the cricket on Friday night had done more damage than I'd originally thought. The forward view showed the u-turn not another bridge!

And the sign trailers have now been removed altogether.

The security guard even said hello when I rode across this morning.

I don't know why I copped it on Monday morning. Very odd.  Good to hear that the signs have been removed.

My guess is that the foreman and others were probably acting in error and have now been pulled into line.

The bridge has always been advertised as available for cyclists, and was funded from the cycling budget.

Could you imagine the political embarassment if the media had cottoned on to the story that cyclists were being told to dismount??
Imagine the headline "$39 million dollars and cyclists can't use it".

I suspect a couple of frantic phone calls were made...

anyone got some Cyclists Must Dismount signs?

There's one out at SOP at the roadworks on Bennelong Parkway where the new intersection is being built. For the initial work for months they had a 'Cycleway Closed' sign so the pedestrians could use the cycleway with a concrete barrier to separate the traffic from the peds. Now the work has moved a short distance south, same cycleway closure only now it's CYCLISTS DISMOUNT.

Between Albert Park and the far side of Belmore there's three or four sets.

More likely final works/inspections were still being carried out at OH&S meant dismounted cyclists for the protection of workers,


But then they had the formal opening last week, with Duncan himself there for the ribbon cutting. The bridge was opened for business - there was no mention of restrictions or the opening being conditional or limited.

RMS website mentions that its open and talks about how useful it is for cycling.

Either way it's a fail.

Ahhh, Duncan was there, that would explain the signs.....


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