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Tuesday 28th ? or Wednesday 29th (you posted at midnight)
Chris Rissel. I train with him sometimes
"Clover Moore, said: 'The problem is that motorists are treating cyclists really badly, and so you get the cyclists calling themselves road warriors and now you've got them driving motorists mad...'"

I wonder what she means by "driving motorists mad"? Is she implying that cyclists are going out of their way to antagonise drivers? How, by riding on the road?
Trawl through this site and you will find examples of cyclists who have decided that road rules do not apply to them.
I think it is understandable that drivers, and the general community, are angered by that kind of behaviour.
For mine, Clover is identifying the fact that if drivers knew more about their obligations to share the road, they may become less offended by cyclists - whether we behave well or poorly.
It's the first time I have heard a public figure say so in such a plain way and is certainly far more moderate than statements by any number of roads ministers.
Go Clover!
"so you get the cyclists calling themselves road warriors"


I just thought i took responsibility for my own safety instead of relying on motorists not to make mistakes or not drive like pricks.

I guess that means i'm a road warrior then....
My first thought was of DaveW kicking ass and taking car keys, but in all seriousness, has any person on this site called themselves or heard someone else call themselves a 'road warrior' because they're on a bicycle? I like Moore, but to quote Wikipedia, "[citation please]"

Actually, wait, I just found the cause of the mixup: Cannondale Road Warriors! It's the BIKES calling themselves road warriors, not the riders. Easy mistake to make.
where are these "Road warriors"? They must be the ones out there that Mr/Mrs motorist claims " they make me drive dangerously".

someone posted a pic. in a previous thread about gun toteing cyclists that comes to mind when some one says road warrior. It was a dude on a mountain bike dressed in combat gear with a gun slung over his shoulder if memory serves correct. Looking very Mad Max

But like Doddsy says if riding like you want to get to your destination rather than the Hospital is being a road warrior then I would be proud to be called one
The Good Prof said
"He found that an alarming number of motorists did not know some of the basic road rules relating to cyclists, such as when cyclists had right of way.

"Thirty-seven per cent of motorists didn't know that cyclists were entitled to use a whole lane, and 69 per cent didn't know they were allowed to overtake on the left of cars," Professor Rissel said.

"Eighty-one per cent didn't know cyclists were allowed to ride two abreast and 13 per cent didn't know they were allowed to use the roads at all. That is definitely a contributing factor to the level of tension and danger on the roads." "

This Lazy Driver, couldnt get out of the couch!
I think Clover Moore "meant" that those drivers who don't know the rules, get huffy and are driven " mad" through their own failure to see right from wrong. Those drivers are the cause of the excitement the commercial radio jocks and sensation seeking Print journos pick up on when they want to stir the pot and appeal to the ignorance of the lazy road users who dont want to know the law and who go on acting out selfish me me me road manners. They take umbrage when a rider Zipps (pardon the wheel pun) past them, they take umbrage when a rider has a lane, they take umbrage when a rider is at the front of the red light queue, they take umbrage because they are stuck in traffic

and the riders move ahead... they take umbrage because they are getting fat in their cages and not gutsy enough to ride a bike to work or to the shops or to accompany their kids to school on bikes or walking,... They are too lazy to get out of their own way and that's what " drives them mad..."

All we want to do is ride our bikes, it what happens to us while riding that makes us activists
I think Clover is being very smart. She is making sure that she doesn't offend anyone by saying something like, "those bloody motorists have to learn the rules". She is saying that people are getting on each other's nerves and that the REAL enemy is ignorance, not motorists or cyclists.

The article actually sounds as though it was written by CoS Council! They have touched on some excellent points about the road rules that need to be understood by motorists without sounding as though the article is just one big rant by an annoyed cyclist. It is almost like a public service announcement in disguise as journalism....
And she is not wrong for saying that either. Some cyclists are just as bad as those bad motorists by ignoring traffic rules, riding against traffic direction, jumping on and off curbs into the midst of traffic flow. More than enough to annoy any well meaning motorist.

I agree education is needed but for both sides.
You're not comparing like with like. The road rules generally assume a car. Cyclists often break them because they are absurd when applied to cyclists.

Motorists aren't annoyed by cyclist rule-breaking, they're annoyed when they see the natural advantages of bicycles vis-a-vis cars.


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