More people taking up cycling worldwide to avoid coronavirus has reported the following info

"It looks like the odd positive thing (apart from positive tests) might have come out of all this after all, with reports of cycling on the increase in cities around the globe as poeple try to avoid public transport/any sort of confined space. 

The London Cycling Campaign has published tips (link is external) for people getting back onto the bike after a long hiatus; checking bikes are roadworthy, booking a service if neccessary and investing in decent locks are some of the handy suggestions. 

In Germany the health minister has appealed for more people to cycle and walk and avoid public transport, while in New York many are cycling to avoid the subways for the first time. Jen Ewald told the New York Post: “I feel better taking the bike.

“There are fewer hands touching these handlebars than the subway poles.”

21,300 people were reported to have rode over New Yorks's four East River bridges on Monday, up 52% compared to an average day in March last year. 

Will people change their travel habits for good when all this has blown over? We've got a few quid riding on it... "


I've been wondering whether this is likely to happen here. I'd be interested in any anecdotal info that suggests things might be moving in that direction. Makes sense!

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In Sydney that would relate to more people driving to avoid public transport

I think road traffic is down by a fair margin, at least North Shore / Northern Beaches. I think a lot are working from home.

It sure does make sense, but also to work from home if you can.

There were less people in the CBD on Thursday than I normally see.  I've heard that many have already commenced working from home.  No doubt there will be more next week

Might have to start washing my handlebars down. Warm soapy water best? i imagine alcohol in sanitiser wouldnt do handlebar tapes any good in long run. And gloves too, hardly ever do that.

Panniers with a few grocery items will become more common on road bikes. 

Jokes aside, its getting serious. Bike groups like Bike Leichhardt have to consider what guidelines they should adopt on rides open to the public. DHBC put out a “hygiene note”, no clearing runny noses in the bunch,etc. Bike North has apparently cancelled some rides. Old geezers like me might have to self-isolate, as in UK. Anyway,  the one metre rule is already in! 

I find self isolation quite easy once the bunch gets to the first climb.....


Out the back, not off the front!

Suddenly you were the only person who wasn't in the breakaway

all bike north rides cancelled .......april first .


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