I had heard about the Mosman bicycle fatality on the 19th and wanted to know the details.  Most of the headlines read "Cyclist dies after colliding with Mercedes".  One or two said "Cyclist dies after collision with Mercedes". It turns out (according to the Telegraph) that "The silver Mercedes, driven by a 43 year old man, struck the 76 year old push bike rider about 3.30 p.m."

If that's the truth then how about a more accurate headline?.

Like "Cyclist dies after being struck by Mercedes". Or ""Mercedes collides with cyclist".

"Cyclist dies after colliding with Mercedes" - almost sounds like the cyclist rode into the car.  It's not the same thing, especially when followed by "The driver of the Mercedes was uninjured"  (which hardly surprises).

This kind of reporting distorts the facts. 

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Given the perfect weather and the smashed front windscreen/side mirror it is not a huge leap of faith to suggest the car hit the cyclist.

Also heard reports (on Twitter) of two riders hit by a car this morning, neither with life threatening injuries. I'm not feeling real flash about taking to the roads these days on a bicycle.


Same here. Was online looking for new helmet, read the article and immediately switched to looking at more expensive helmets that wrap the whole back of head instead. The photos of the Mosman accident were sad.

Two riders injured near Pacific Highway south of Sydney but it was a bunch stack. Broken ribs, collarbone on the one, broken arm on the other ... or so I am told.

The Pacific Highway is north of Sydney. The Princes Hwy is south...

Just sayin' for the benefit of newcomers to the country.

And in the interests of more truthful/accurate reporting of accidents by the BM.

Police at least reported this latest fatality as a "collision between a car and a bike", on their Facebook page.

Off a report goes to the Coroner, never to be heard of again. Needs to be a way to find out what the report was if we are to learn anything. You can apparently request the report or findings if you are doing recognized research.

Also the Police reported this
"A man disqualified from driving until April 2022 has been caught riding a motorised push bike in Sydney’s south-west. Highway Patrol officers stopped the bike about 3.15pm yesterday (Saturday 19 April 2014) on Ben Lomond Road, Minto, after clocking it at an alleged speed of 67 km/h. The 52-year-old rider has been issued with a field court attendance notice for driving while disqualified and is due to appear in Campbelltown Local Court on 26 May 2014. He was also issued with penalty notices for using an unregistered and uninsured vehicle on a public road. "

must have been very naughty to be disqualified for so long

I also found it frustrating to find info about what actually happened in Mosman. Not only is the headline a likely distortion, there is actually very little info at this point in time.

We need to be able to see the data involving bike accidents in which a person was taken to hospital. There is hospital data, police data, judicial system data and coronial data. 

There have been recurring cases mentioned here on SC in which we see someone going to hospital after a bike "accident" but then we don't hear about police charges. There are also cases where we do hear about charges but don't later hear what happens in the judicial system. If we could see all this on one screen we might be better able to target action. It is speculated for example that the cops don't lay charges because they think it is a waste of time due to  the courts handing out a Section 10 (try not to do it again).

But we don't know because we don't have data. Those 4 databases are not linked. Some links between hospital and police exist only.

The photos on the Telegraph report indicate a scenario may have been that the merc turned left off Spit Rd on the slip lane ( which has a Give way sign)and hit the cyclist, who was proceeding west on Medusa from Spit Rd, after possibly crossing Spit Rd at the lights, or entering Medusa from the western Spit Rd footpath. Broken right mirror on the car and impact on right side of the windscreen. Car facing west down Medusa. Helmet on right side of car. Bike knocked sideways across Medusa.
Yeah it's a clear side collision, bike has been struck from the side, it's turned the bars, rear wheel isn't damaged.

The root cause of the collision is that there is a slip lane. Ie without the slip lane it would not have occurred.

The bike has sufficient experienced rider items (toe clips, commuting bars, pump, cage) that it's more than conceivable rider could have been on the road and not on the zebra crossing, but both are possible. I would have been on the road there if I was coming up from spit bridge needing to get to a destination on medusa.

That was my call at a quick look at the photo. I use that road a fair bit to go left/ north into Spit road. I guess the driver saw a gap and floored it to get across the northbound Spit road traffic.

Mosman is a 50 k zone and just down the road a bit is a speed bump and traffic calming chicanes, could have been a kiddy or a dog a skateboarder……Drivers just need to bloody well slow down


I hate riding "the spit" and now when meeting northside mates prefer to drive over from the eastern suburbs and park near a friends house in Seaforth before heading to Akuna and back on my bike. 

I cross the Spit every weekday and it is fine. You don't have to ride up and down Spit Rd, you can take Battle Boulevard on the north side and Pariwi or Bay St on the south side. There is even a nice bike path along the west side foreshore so you can avoid the main road altogether,

As said above this just looks like someone looking at stopped traffic at the lights on Spit Rd and driving through the give way sign, Tragic, hopefully we will get more info on what happened.


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