Someone mentioned telematics or black boxes a while back so…

Examine it! Big Brother in the Passenger Seat - Driving with a Black Box on Board

Many German drivers are opting to have telematics devices installed in their vehicles now that an insurance company is offering reduced premiums to users of these black boxes. The devices track a car's movements via GPS, recording where it goes and how it's driven. Good drivers get a discount on their insurance rates. But at what cost to their privacy?

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I would sign up for this and any reduction in insurance would be a bonus. Would be kinda nice if people who prang a lot or get caught for speeding a few times in a set time frame had to have these things fitted.

Guessing this sort of technology could be also be built around drivers or passenger phone and texting on the go.

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The Abbott government would probably spend millions of our tax dollars looking for one of those too, just like they are doing with the Malaysian Airlines one.  Anything for a photo opportunity, and much more important than education, health or pensions!

Many transport fleets, such as Boral, already have telemetry on their trucks. For tracking drivers and optimising routes, and for monitoring compliance to road rules and regulations. The data is also used to assist working out what happened in accidents and fatalities when the driver may not or cannot tell what happened.

I don't think Joe Tripodi will be rushing out to buy one.

I'm not sure how helpful these will be for the protection of cyclists.

Technology already exists for detecting illegal phone use - those telephoto enforcement cameras - and for preventing their use by drivers - in use in India -

Regardless, this is an opportunity for regulation. The insurance incentive is only helpful for those buying insurance, and there are those who might be defending dodgy traffic fines.

Something I can see is it being applied by regulation firstly for heavy vehicles whose tachograph, logbook and speed limiter fiddles are notorious. Then flow down to private cars if that's a success.

It's a cheap technology, and if some good research establishes that it saves lives someday it will become ordinary as seat belts are today. On the other hand, if there's no evidence I can't see it being mandated.

It is at least good to see an advance that is focused on good driving technique. The motor industry mostly sells product on 'toy' appeal, speed and aggression. So it would be refreshing if people could opt for 'play nice'.

Hmm worth watching.


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