I just read this rather stupid piece. Let's see what they cook up for the next segment.


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I hesitate to encourage them by clicking on this.

Apparently it is one of two articles, each written from the perspective of either motorist or cyclist. I think the cyclist one is still to come (?)

Rather than posting a link with these sorts of articles, best to copy and paste so they don't get more hits.

Yes, that's right. The next one is supposed to be from "our" perspective. So, no good to post links you think? OK.

Not to Herald Sun, I would think! Same for Daily Telecrap. SMH OK OTOH, coz Mr O'.

This was also in the Brisbane Courier Mail yesterday.

I joined the fray and commented on their Facebook page.

"That diagram is a beauty! Yeah, lets definitely crash into the car in the next lane instead of slowing down for a minute and waiting for a gap to go past! Last time I drove, cars have engines AND brakes - so they can slow down and speed up again. Do trucks, cranes, tractors, horse carts and other slow road users instantly cause chaos and accidents?"

I honeslty expected a flaming and was rather surprised I got a several "likes" and a couple of positive replies!

Maybe people are getting sick of the same old recycled crap!

To stop any further hits on the rather stupid article page, I have attached it as pdf so you can read it without further encouraging the HS.




"When a cyclist takes up a quarter of a lane, they might as well take up the whole lane."

And here I was, thinking I'd never agree with anything the SH has to say about cycling.

Although this one - if they weren't swerving to avoid the cyclist, it'd be the parked car just ahead of them:

If only their driving instructor had taught them what the pedal between the clutch and accelerator does, and when it should be used...

I think they need to be shown how to use pretty much all of the controls of the vehicle including its indicators.

Of course the other thing is, what else would you expect from driverless cars?

That cyclist should be in primary.  Take the lane, the whole lane.

Yes, the thing about this one is that there is an element of truth to it. Where you position yourself on the road is a form of communication to other users of the road. Riding in a primary position in the lane communicates that you need that space and people are going to need to move to an adjacent lane to overtake you. Riding in or close to the gutter is communicating to those behind you that there you aren't claiming that space and they can pass. Even if you aren't intending to communicate that, it is what you are communicating. There are plenty of roads which are wide enough to allow cars to pass you without changing lanes by riding a little further to the left (a secondary position), but this position doesn't always exist.

Obviously motorists still need to make decisions about if there is enough space to perform a manoeuvre and, if there isn't, they shouldn't be attempting it. Ride in a way that communicates the possibility of it, though, and some are going to try because everyone makes mistakes or errors of judgement at some point.

Personally, I prefer to take as much control of the situation as possible and so will ride in a way that largely removes that decision making process from motorists behind me. If I don't think there is enough space in a lane to overtake me and I don't want to be overtaken, I'm going to be riding in a way which doesn't allow it to happen. When I am happy for motorists to pass me I also ride in a way that communicates that as clearly as possible too. My interactions with motorists are nearly universally positive, mainly due to the fact I'm very always clear about what I am doing.

Either you are a whole lot clearer with your intentions and a whole lot more positive in that clarity than I am or you are riding in a nicer area than I am. I guess it could also be that you've been lucky, or maybe we don't have the same definition of "nearly universally". In any case, I would say that I ride with the same considerations as those you described and with the same approach and still get unpleasant interactions. Not every ride, not even every week, but so often that it is getting very annoying and sometimes frightening. I am pretty certain that several attacks on me have been unprovoked by my style of riding and by my clarity of communication regarding my intentions, but simply driven by issues in the driver's mind.


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