I just read this rather stupid piece. Let's see what they cook up for the next segment.


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There are many conditions which can affect a person's ability to turn their head. That's true. With indicators, I'd say that if they are used prior to a direction change, even prior to slowing down for a turn, as they are supposed to, it might actually help somewhat towards making hazard go away. In no way do I suggest moving a vehicle in any direction without knowing what's around it, indicating or not.

OMG. The travesty! What on earth would they do if confronted by a parked car, bus, delivery truck, taxi, pothole, roadworks, can't go on all day....

Very patronising and dimissive of motorist intelligence.

As a part-time motorist I am outraged.

Or is this just about full-size remote control convertables controlled from space (I assume there is a large zoom function on the control screen)? If so when did they become a thing? I think we should protest about them. Makes about as much sense as I can glean from this diagram. 


Even by the standards of the genre, this is a very silly article.

What's that meme that says as ideology gets more and more baked, it approaches self-satire, until you actually can't tell if an article is satire or for real?

I'd say some of the diagrams in this article fall into that category...

Seems to be what your colleague Barry Spurr is claiming?

He clearly needed more ;) in those emails.

I am not quite as optimistic as to think there may be a sense of irony or humor behind the article. I'd be happy if the article was indeed an ironic criticism of driver attitude and incompetence. I'll be interested to see what they manage to put together for the next part.


Part two is out but it doesn't really make things any better. I won't post it here. If someone would like it on the forum, go ahead.



Is this click bait?  If so don't click on it

It was intended as an interesting although stupid, irritating and dangerous article linked to here for discussion. After receiving comment about the inappropriateness of providing the link due to possible benefits to the publishers by raising the click count, I attached the article as pdf in an earlier post in this thread. 

So, please don't associate my account with any kind of baiting.



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