I am commuting on a Trek 7.6fx (flat bar urban bike) with pannier rack on the back. I wonder if anyone can recommend mudguards and where to buy them? I am not scared of getting wet but not on the way to work. The plastic ones look a bit flimsy and I don't know where you get the aluminium ones. Any tips?

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Yeah - what he said!
plastics are perfect - its not like they bear anyweight, and they rattle less

there is a fair bit of talk about mudgaurds in the discussion - "No longer a fair weather rider/commuter"
I'm sure my sks didn't retail that high a year ago though... but I could be wrong on that

one thing - before the sks - I tried some fancy soma fenders (also plastic)- they bit the dust when a stick got cought between them and the tyre - shattered.

But it is that time of year again... has anyone come up with any better value lights than the ay-ups?
Oh - does the trek have eyelet holes on the forks and rear stays (little screw holes near the dropouts)
yeps. Very helpful advice. Do you think 35mm will be ok. I ride on 700 x 32 mm race lites.
or get some 28 mm tyres which fit fine into the 35's... might be a more round-about way of doing it though. I did have trouble getting marothon plus 28's into the 35mm chromos though.

I just had a look at the trek website, and noticed the fx's come with v brakes. check that the frame and fork have been drilled, or there is some way to mount the top hanger on the full length fenders. It's pretty important to the stability/utility of the whole thing. If not you could probably bodgy something together with cableties, sticky tape, used band aids etc.
Thanks Paul. I thought the bike would be ok for the mudguards. It is a good bike isn't it.
Nope - buy the ay-ups - you will not be disappointed. My husband bought the full set last year when he was on the Anaconda Desert Challenge. Ay-up were one of the sponsors so they were selling them there at a discount to race competitors. He uses them in 24hour MTB races and he loves them. (He used to have some with a huge rechargeabele battery pack that had to be mounted in the bidon cage and was really heavy). I have used them too. In terms of value for $, weight, size, ease of use and, most of all lumens, I do not think you can beat them.

Having said all that, you have to chose what you need - helmet mount, handlebar, wide beam, narrow beam, etc. I used the handlebar mounted, which are great for road riding. Wide beam helps if you want to be able to see things coming out of dark places on the side of the road or path.

The BB was riding on the night ride with me and I am sure he will atest to their illumination powers.
I use SKS mudgurads, and like DaveW says, they hug the tyre and you don't know they're there, until it rains. They've survived a fair bit of abuse for many years.
I'm using the Planet Bike touring fenders. I think they're very similar to the SKS but a little cheaper. Picked them up from Cheeky Transport in Newtown.
Planet bike make some great gear.

has anyone seen their superflash rear light? not a dinotti, but an order of magnitude cheaper, and still blinding
Well once they go on they will probably never come off again so they will become 4 season fenders/mudguards.
you fenders do look beautiful Mr CTA, and look like they fit like a glove. Nice tip about the leather washers - plumber supplies??
Well it depends on how illuminated is the enviroment in which you ride. If there are street lights, then the Ay-ups are overkill for illumination. (You can point them down too to stop them getting in the eyes of drivers). They are designed for MTB'ing after all (as well as caving, kayaking, walking the dog, etc)...you can dive in them if you want to - fully waterfroof.

I think most little LED lights can blink and show other road uesers that you are there. But if you want to see potholes, dogs behind bushes, glass or debris on cycle paths, then bright illumination is necessary. You can put a small blinking light on your handlebars as well.


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