I am commuting on a Trek 7.6fx (flat bar urban bike) with pannier rack on the back. I wonder if anyone can recommend mudguards and where to buy them? I am not scared of getting wet but not on the way to work. The plastic ones look a bit flimsy and I don't know where you get the aluminium ones. Any tips?

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I have been using the Lumipak and love it. Cars give you alot of room and it stands out way more than a rear light. I have been commuting for 6 years and wish I had the exelite long ago.
I'll stick my neck in here and say if you've got some DIY skills, then consider building your own.

Ayups sound great .. but I can't often justify that sort of expense when I can build my own for 1/4 the cost with similar lumens.

Horses for courses.
I'll just put in my two cents worth and recommend the Nite Rider MiNewt X2. They are similar in price to the Ayups (or were when I last checked which was some time ago) and will certainly give you enough light to see where you are going. I have used them on several 24 hour races, and this morning went down through Bobbin Head a bit after 6 and they were fine. They also do have a flashing mode for daytime visibility.
Yeah, I had a feeling that the Aussie Dollar may have had an impact on the price. Even so it may be worth seeing what you can get on-line, for example Probikekit currently have them at $287, although they don't have any stock. This is still a bit more than the Ay-ups but does make them worth considering.
As this topic is actually about mudguards, I just use some cheap plastic ones that I got from Rebel Sport. The back one does rattle against the pannier rack a bit, although this could be improved quite easily with a bit of DIY if I ever get too annoyed with it. Overall they are quite effective in keeping spray down and they definitely make riding on wet roads a much more pleasant experience. One of the best $15 I have spent on the commuter bike.
I received my SKC mudguards from wiggle.com yesterday, only to be mocked by Monsieur Bike who thinks that (as usual) I have wasted "our" money and I should have spoken to him about it first. I told him they came highly recommended from commuters on Sydney Cyclist.

He scoffed and gave me his "all road riders are big girls" look (yes you can all put sh** on him when next you meet). You know the look like "we mountain men ride in mud and we don't feel a thing", blah blah blah.....

The mudguards look great and I think they will be a good addition to my flat bar road bike when I commute. Obviously I didn't discuss it with him before the order because I knew what his attitude would be.

He says if you ride in the rain you get wet anyway so why bother?

How should I answer him?
I suspect that the only real answer is to put them on and let him see how much better it is when riding on wet roads. I had the same attitude and resisted them for a long time, but finally relented about a year ago, and even with just cheap ones they really are one of the best things I have ever put on the commuter. Every time I ride in the wet I am amazed about how much better it is not having all that spray coming up into my face.
who cares if they work or not - they're stylin'


you can get your own bl**dy dinner
All very constructive suggestions - thanks guys.......:-(

By the way - completely unrelated to cycling - but he went rock climbing (with his usual MTB partner) on Sunday when I did the Tweed Run preliminary run. if any of you is having a bored afternoon in the rain this afternoon - you can view thier report : http://www.hartfoundation.net/2009/2009Oh%20What.htm. Please excuse the spelling mistakes...all pictures are of Monsieur Bike as it is Rod's web site...except for the pictore of the feet - they are Rod's.
I have some Zefal guard on my mtb rigid commuter, very happy with them. They are cheaper than SKS. i think they were around $40 at Anaconda.

Before that I had some BBB rainwarriors; while they are better than no guard, they didn't do the job that well, so I would recommend them despite only costing $15.

Recently I got a set of Soma guards off ebay for my friend's Apollo Exceed. Quality is phenomenal and fit is great. They even perfectly match the bike and have a little dovetail bits at the end. Highly recommend these. He runs them with 25C tyres.

In short, mudguards are essential if you are a daily commuter. They keep spray (which is what drenches and makes you dirty) and unpleasantries like dog poo off you. I have the luxury of 5 bikes so I can choose. My only bike with guards is my dedicated wet weather commuter but I don't have guards on my flat bar CRX1 - which don't have eyelet on the front carbon forks.

You won't go riding without them once you've tried them
I have some stainless steel mudguards on order through my LBS. After having ridden through some big puddles and some flooded cycleways at speed, I have concluded that mudguards can only make things better. I have a pile of things bolted onto my bicycle, so an extra kilo for mudguards isn't going to worry me. I'm no weight weenie, and my bicycle is used as a practical alternative form of personal transport.
I just got some Raceblades XL for my CRX1. Nowhere as good as my full length Zefal guards but better than no guards.

The raceblades stop your feet from getting wet but I am still getting spray from the front of the tyre when over 25km/h.

Overall, they are pretty sturdy, look good and great choice if you want something light and don't have eyelets.

I've posted up some pics in the pictures section.


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