This came up on my local community board yesteday being 17 November 2017 . Posted by Dee Emkay. This is Fleming Park Naremburn, Sydney. I have also witnessed accidents here. It is a long dowhhill shared path, then goes under a 6 lane freeway bridge. At the bottom it then goes to a blind corner followed by S bends. I am advised this stems fron the original construction of the freeway modifications for Lane cove tunnel. Work site huts were in way of where path NEEDED to go. Alas construction co refused to move huts and a safe environment did not ensue. Dee's note follows.

PSA for those that use the bike track that runs under the freeway at Naremburn.
1. Please be mindful that the track has slimy bits that are really slippery even after a teeny bit of rain
2. If ppl are yelling out 'slow down', it's usually because someone has come off their bike and can't be moved. Please slow down.
3. The corner just past the cross road at Park Road is a hot spot for not only collisions but ppl coming off due to slime/wet and slippery conditions.

Two accidents yesterday (Thurs) in the space of an hour. Luckily ambulance that were there for the first one witnessed the second. Same place, same thing.

Please please slow down, just a wee bit.

Thank you to the amazing group of riders that stopped and took up posts to slow ppl down, and instruct the ambulance where to walk to. Didn't involve me as a rider but it certainly helped in keeping the injured man safe while ambos arrived.

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 If ppl are yelling out 'slow down', it's usually because someone has come off their bike and can't be moved. Please slow down. 

Perhaps 'Danger! Slow down' will trigger the self-preservation instincts better compared to just 'Slow down'

Unfortunately, it was probably safer a few years ago in it's original routing when you had to ride down to the bottom and slow down for the tight leaf littered corner!

Post rerouting people ride it like a race track and apart from the slipperyness, there are major sighting problems for such a fast bit of path - you can't see the racers coming if you are heading south and them north!

Or more to the point, the northbound racers can enter that left hand corner just after Park Rd at warp speed and be more or less completely blind and run into a slow rider, a wheelchair or a kid there.

Probably a good idea to lobby for the shrubbery on that corner to be trimmed back to allow better vision! 

That spot is completely insane - never felt comfortable riding there.

If you give the racers more vision they will increase their speed. If one of them runs wide, comes off and survives we will get an article about how MHL are working.

Proper bicycle only lanes running from CBD to Hornsby are needed. Fast flowing, no stopping at lights (fly over/unders) so that people can actually ride places.

Further along Epping Road you have to dodge bins on bin night and cars coming in and out of lane ways, driveways and petrol stations.

Nothing screams second class citizen or buy a car like that useless piece of infrastructure.


Lane Cove Council now has a cycling champion - the new Labour Councillor Andrew Zbik.

He put a proposal to LCC last night to lobby the NSW Gov't and the surrounding councils to get the missing link from SHB to Naremburn done.

That's a start - it's been 15 years talking about it with nothing happening at all. West St, a bridge over the Amherst ramp, etc etc. 

Once that's in we will have a real connection between the CBD all the way to Macquarie. Cycle traffic will increase exponentially, racers will start to be outnumbered by regular riders incl lots more females and work to upgrade capacity and safety on the rest of the cycleway will have to happen. 

Artarmon to Hornsby will be interesting - I've got almost no idea where to start on that one - Archer St, Lindfield Ave, then where? ......... 

Great news John

I started riding up Pacific Highway - but all the cars slow you down and the headaches from the emissions - no thanks.

Very good to hear someone is on the case, if you build it properly they will come.


Hi John

Thanks for the heads up.  I received a facebook feed from Councillor Zbik this morning.  He now has endorsement from Lane Cove Council.  Next stage is to engage with the other local councils, Willoughby, and North Sydney to seek their support.   He has created a short survey asking people which route they take from Naremburn to North Sydney and would they ride if a shared path is created.   Also a short video pointing out the various issues; pinch points, dangerous intersections, and so on.

To the survey

If any of you are residents of North Sydney or Willoughby Council please write to them to encourage their support.

And in the North Shore Times, delivered this morning!

Is that a pedestrian helmet?

Heh heh. I think the look is "business cycle" ;-)

I wrote to Willoughby Council requesting they come on board with Lane Cove Council.  This was acknowledged by council officer. Next step is for Lane Cove council officers to write to Willoughby council officers seeking their support.  I have asked Andrew Zbik to ask his council officers to act.

Anyone residing in North Sydney LGA please write to council seeking support for Mr Zbik's motion please do so.  Help if you acknowledge here and let Andrew Zbik know.  He is on facebook.

Survey done.

I'm not currently cycling that route but had done for years.  Appears to have been no significant improvements in the last 7 years, am I correct?


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