This came up on my local community board yesteday being 17 November 2017 . Posted by Dee Emkay. This is Fleming Park Naremburn, Sydney. I have also witnessed accidents here. It is a long dowhhill shared path, then goes under a 6 lane freeway bridge. At the bottom it then goes to a blind corner followed by S bends. I am advised this stems fron the original construction of the freeway modifications for Lane cove tunnel. Work site huts were in way of where path NEEDED to go. Alas construction co refused to move huts and a safe environment did not ensue. Dee's note follows.

PSA for those that use the bike track that runs under the freeway at Naremburn.
1. Please be mindful that the track has slimy bits that are really slippery even after a teeny bit of rain
2. If ppl are yelling out 'slow down', it's usually because someone has come off their bike and can't be moved. Please slow down.
3. The corner just past the cross road at Park Road is a hot spot for not only collisions but ppl coming off due to slime/wet and slippery conditions.

Two accidents yesterday (Thurs) in the space of an hour. Luckily ambulance that were there for the first one witnessed the second. Same place, same thing.

Please please slow down, just a wee bit.

Thank you to the amazing group of riders that stopped and took up posts to slow ppl down, and instruct the ambulance where to walk to. Didn't involve me as a rider but it certainly helped in keeping the injured man safe while ambos arrived.

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Correct, zero % improvement. 

North Sydney has plans but no timetable or funding yet I think. Willoughby? I don't know.

With the current consultation on the SHB stairs, now is the time to try to link it all up.


The ride through North Sydney is my least favourite part when riding to/ from the harbour bridge. Not bad early on a weekend morning, but during peak hour i'm not a fan at all. 

Yep, it would be great to get some dedicated space!

What do you guys think of a ramp that would go from the bridge, up on top of the railway, and along to near the front of North Sydney train station? It would have to be about 800m long, be flat apart from a ramp up/down at the start/end.

Well why not - except that riders from further down the foreshore would need to ride up higher - unless another ramp was put close to the existing steps. It would eliminate most of the traffic issues of cycles going up and down from Nth Sydney to the ramp close to Milsons Pt Stn.

In Melbourne they have successfully hung extensive bike paths underneath the M1 City Link/Monash Freeway.

I can't see why it would be too difficult to cantilever a path off the side of the railway viaduct up to the bottom of Blue St.     

Yep, it would cater for most of the riders, and cut out a lot of up/down stop/start riding.

Don't forget the Harbour Link plan, it goes under the high railway arch at Lavender St, and curves left to get onto the  unused old tramlines stub (actually end of Blue St) next tothe Pacific Highway, then crosses over to continue climbing along the line of Arthur St above and next to the freeway up to St Leonards Park at around 2 or 3% gradient. North Sydney Council endorsed it and spent  a fair bit on a study. Don't know if the new Harbour Bridge ramp design  is compatible, but I guess the ramp could just continue to Lavender St, rising slightly to go over the road but under the arch. It was deemed feasible AFAIK. 


The drop off point from the new ramp on the north side is at odds with the current North Sydney plans where route 3 and 1a commence at Burton st.  One heads to Neutral bay and the other heads north.  At the end of the day it will be resolved, but  nice to know what North Sydney council are thinking?

Hi Bob,  Harbourlink does not seem to be on the agenda.  They are going down the path of a bi di on the LH side of Pacific Hwy heading north up to West St.  Again a bi di on West St through to the Waringah Freeway.  I think this is route 1 on the Nth Sydney council plans.


North Sydney Integrated Cycling Strategy  (excerpts below in regard to Route 1 Pg 28.)

Report issued 18/06/2014


The Pacific Highway is a classified State Road and as such Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is the responsible road authority. RMS has identified the Pacific Highway as a preferred alignment for a North South regional route through North Sydney.This route would consist of a separated bi-directional cycleway in the existing road reserve. The cycleway would run from Lavender Street, Milsons Point to West Street, North Sydney, a distance of approximately 1.2km. A bi-directional cycleway is appropriate for this route for the following reasons:

 There is sufficient road width to accommodate such a facility  Separation is demonstrated to improve safety for all road users  This link is of high strategic importance for the overall local and regional bicycle network as it connects North Sydney CBD with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Gore Hill Freeway cycleway  The provision of separated facilities has been shown to increase cycling participation.
This alignment would provide a vital, direct route through North Sydney CBD, significantly improving cyclist safety and comfort as well as network coherence and directness. The Pacific Highway is considered to be the preferred route as it is likely to provide the most direct, easy to follow and usable route. The Pacific Highway through North Sydney CBD is shown in Figure 6.2 and Figure 6.3.
A key challenge of this route alignment is crossing the Pacific Highway as Arthur Street is located on its western side and West Street is located on its eastern side. There are five major signalised intersections along this section and cyclist crossing movements could be incorporated at one of these locations.
As the RMS is the road authority responsible for the Pacific Highway, it is responsible for the design development for this section of the route (likely to be a bi-directional cycleway within the existing road reserve).
Community feedback on this potential alignment noted that the 2.4metre wide separated cycleways used in other parts of Sydney would unlikely be sufficient to cater for the speed, volume and mix of cyclist types along the Pacific Highway section of Route 1, especially given the speed likely on the gradients.

A lot of Harbourlink could be done around footpaths beside the freeway that link up already. Apparently the council did a fair bit of work on it, and the RMS did some studies, but no idea why it dwindled away. I guess we needed a bigger group to maintain the perstering. It could be the next big ask once the ramp is done.


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