Hello Everyone, Please read: Need some help! Im new to the group and need some advice on my new ride because my previous one has unfortunately been stolen on monday :( I commute daily, approx. 100km per week. Need a good bike but don't want to spend too much as well as I'll only be in the country for a other 12 to 18 months. Anyway. Last night i have spend a few hours to put all the bikes that i have in mind into an exel spreadsheet along with all the data (or as much as i could gather) to make it easier for you guys to compare them to one another (see the pic) Hope you guys can give me some advice or thoughts on which one you would pick. Personally i like the Biancho C Sport 2 the most but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best bike out of the 5 because quite honestly all these numbers mean very little to me. Thanks heaps for your help in advance.

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Sounds like a light budget but hey only for 10km/trip.

I would buy a bike you like. My taste would be for something a bit more off-roadable but that's me not you.

Above all, get the size/fitting right.

The Reid Urban X3 got a good review on Bikexchange. Optioned up more than you’d expect with Deore components etc. but not a real urban bike they say, a little too head down, bum up, but if you are young and or flexible, sounds good.

Sorry to hear about the theft.  A flat bar bike looks like a good replacement.

If you are commuting, consider whether you need:

  • a rack for your panniers (in which case you'll want rack mounts / braze-ons on the bike to attach it to), or will you just use a backpack
  • mudguards (if you'll be riding in the rain)
  • reflective tyres (if you'll be riding at night)
  • If riding in urban areas, you'll need puncture resistance in your tyres (eg Kevlar band)

These considerations might affect which bike you choose.  In any case, you should test ride and see which one feels the best, as the geometry of each bike is different, and everyone's body is different...


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