Anyone who had these need to give reviews for everyone to consider to buy for surveillance of driver behaviours,should they cut them off on purposes.I know about the GoPro but it costs $240-$300 and might be out of reach to other riders pockets.

1.How long the battery lasts before it needs to recharge? GoPro at 2.5hrs.

2.Good brands.Exclude the ones from Aldi in which it sells once a year in limited stocks.

3.How many hours in 2,4,8,16,32GB SDHC cards?And what class SD cards? It said class 4 or higher recommended.

4.Price to suit them and where from if possible.

Appreciate for the help and thanks.

Please do not post of your video rides in this thread.

If you want to add your video of your rides. Will you please put it in SC group On Yer Bike Videos?.

You can put snap shots of your video in this thread.

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 If it suits to anyone can afford this.


are you to after camera reviews?

I'll try:

Camera: Otek 550 dvs

1. 2.5 hours...spares on the battery as a 3.7 V 1100 mah  can be bought  for $10 and I carry a few

2. Otek is the brand bought from a website here in Australia for $99, $7 delivery....

3. up to 32 gb card accepted

4. some of my footage from my channel...

I use the Drift HD. It's not cheap and it's not tiny, but it works extremely well. Bit short of time right now but will post more details soon.

Drift website

Hi, I'm on the same search, and before I splash out hard cash to get a gopro , I decided to try a

really cheapo china made md80 clone .Total cost 15 euro off ebay (roughly 18 AU dollars)

check a video i made with it.

I know it's rubbish, but not as much as someone would expect given the price tag.

Comes with 4gb micro sd (about 1hr 20mins) battery lasts about 2 hrs, it's really small. and did I mention it? Cheap cheap cheap.

Here it is on ebay

Really calmed the urge for a 300$ gopro for now.

Have anyone used this video recording sunglasses? Don`t know if it is good or not as they got no reviews on how it goes when riding in traffic. 16GB microcard included.

It might look good to be inconspicious to drivers.

I've been pondering a video camera purchase too.  One of our cycling group is a retired video camera pro and he suggested this site.  As a result of our discussions, he has ordered this Crocolis HD Extreme Cam for himself, and at <$200 it seems like it will fill the bill for me too!  It's only been about a week, so he hasn't received it yet.  There are also a few interesting comparisons by the same reviewer of other bike cameras on Youtube.

Thanks Dabba,

So do I too have been pondering about that and it looked good info. So I think that Crocolis HD looked good and I had a look on ebay for it.

I`m willing to risk it so I bought it and see what will happens soon when I get it in the mail in about under 3 weeks with 2 spare batteries at $10USD each. Now the problem is to get the memory cards on the cheap if I can find it of 32Gb and 8GB Microcards.

How's the camera going Snowy?  We had a play with the one that my mate got and there were a few things that I was disappointed in.

I wanted it to be able to get good shots of number plates of the dangerous tin pushers.  We tried a shot of a stationary car about 5-10m away and moved the camera to simulate a moving vehicle.  The number plate wasn't clear.

It also had a few problems adjusting the exposure quickly enough when going through dappled sunlight.

Am I expecting too much?  Does yours do what you want it to do - particularly on the number plate images?

Martin thought that I'd need a 1080 HD capturing 60 fps to do what I'm after.  Price and size seem to be the limiting factor there.

It seems to be fair but I was disappointed too. I have the same problems as you stated of the number plates.

I had a looked in it and played the recording to try to find it when paused, it sometimes get a clear picture of the plates and sometimes been blurred a bit due to sunlight reflection and angle of vehicles passing by.

It only got 2 modes of Full HD 1080 and 1080/25fps and choice of 720P/60/50/30 and 25fps.

I used it at night but found it to be disappointed in it too due to headlights glare and bit dark despite of using 1200 Lumens headlight.

I`d agree of Martin thoughts. But due to my purchase at my risk and no-one had stated that it is really good and no reviews of it. On BNA forum it only stated the operating options and it wasn`t all informative on how good it runs.

Dabba, When you get it recording,you can press the photo button while it is still recording in movie mode. I got a pic of someone crossing road while I was accidently press photo mode as I was supposed to turn it off.

Go-Pro is supposed to be better but due to costs and extras to go with it and I agree with you Dabba,that it is out of my reach.

Sorry Dabba, We need proper information and reviews on how it goes. Have to experiment them.


This is mine. $38 or whatever they are now.


In use over 12 months, most weekdays. Didn't come with the MicroSD - most of the cost these days is the storage. But you don't pay the earth for 8gb of micro SD these days.


I use an 8GB MicroSD which lasts about 4 trips - so about 3-3.5 hrs. The battery last around 2.5 hrs and charges from USB so just charge it while at work. Quick release on and off the handlebars.


Very waterproof. Used in the massive rain lately, and I even snorkelled with it under the boat to video something under the waterline that I needed to be quoted to be fixed (waterproof to 3m immersion).


Think I bought it from this seller:




Thanks for info. What class MicroSD were you using on your camera? I got the camera on order from eBay and still awaiting in the post.

I was thinking of buying class 10 cards. How do class 6 fared on it? Better than class 4 before I buy it on eBay depending on quality..

I'm using a class 4, 32gb MicroSD in my 720p video camera (upgraded from a class 2, 8gb) and the card is recording fine.

A guy from work just bought a class 10, 32gb for $25 from MSY which is pretty cheap, brand is Patriot which is a Taiwanese company.


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