Anyone who had these need to give reviews for everyone to consider to buy for surveillance of driver behaviours,should they cut them off on purposes.I know about the GoPro but it costs $240-$300 and might be out of reach to other riders pockets.

1.How long the battery lasts before it needs to recharge? GoPro at 2.5hrs.

2.Good brands.Exclude the ones from Aldi in which it sells once a year in limited stocks.

3.How many hours in 2,4,8,16,32GB SDHC cards?And what class SD cards? It said class 4 or higher recommended.

4.Price to suit them and where from if possible.

Appreciate for the help and thanks.

Please do not post of your video rides in this thread.

If you want to add your video of your rides. Will you please put it in SC group On Yer Bike Videos?.

You can put snap shots of your video in this thread.

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You're right Peter, they shouldn't be needed, but ..........!

good news. tips me towards the visible camera choice

it is becoming evident that a camera which records the driver's face is necessary to prevent complaints failing when the owner claims he/she can't determine who was driving.

On Wednesday 5th Feb Aldi has "ACTION CAMERA GLASSES" for $50.

Listed specs:

  • Ideal for recording all the action while on the go
  • Record time of up to 2 hours
  • High definition
  • Includes hard case and cleaning cloth
  • Supports external micro SD card up to 32GB

About Aug 2013 I bought a Kaiser Bass for $48 (and thought it was a good deal)  I eventually got around to getting a compatible SDcard for it (as it accepted up to a 16GB.)

Finally I got around to finding a place to secure it on my Carradice rear bag. It is clipped on the rear of the added-on reflective strap, and sits 'inside'. It also has a safety string thing in case it gets loose.

The absolute position for the video taking isn't that great in terms of levelled orientation but it gets the number plates with a reasonable degree of clarity.

Same problem as the Mobious that the life of the battery is limited at (optimistic) about 80min  (I dont think I ever got more than 60mins off it so far)  

Ok for the commuter in it's full glory, but I'm hoping that the HobbyKing version with 3hr lifespan is better and can slip under saddle rails for the other bikes.

Speaking of Hobbyking I noticed they pretty much have the same camera cheap as chips. Might have less mounts than the Kaiser but for $13 (before $10 delivery) it's probably worth a shot ...if only it didn't come only in white.... 

This one has got my interest. It's from an Australian group and is apparently coming out in the next few months.

What they've done is combined an incident camera and a tail light into a single unit

Wow - I like that a lot.

I'm not so sure though about the blurb that advertises a camera to keep the motorist honest when the camera is actually cunningly disguised as a flashing light. I've registered interest though and it would probably end up replacing the go pro and Liquid image i use at the moment.

Very impressive.

I just invested in a couple of other cameras -but if they dont come up to scratch this looks like a awesome other option! 

Wow thats very clever, have just registered for it. I question the pixel aspect ratio listed on the Specifications tab of the Product page....1024x720? Seems very odd, and thats not technically HD as claimed. Its probably a typo and they meant 1280x720.

Does seem odd, but I've done a bit of googling and it seems like it is commonly used in car dashcams and incident cameras used on busses etc.

It's the non widescreen (4:3) format of 720P.

Hmmm...the sample videos on the site all appear to be 16:9 and by definition 1024x720 would not be HD as claimed. Have emailed them asking them to clarify the specs.

Just heard back, deffo 1280x720. 

Battery not user replaceable, alas.


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