Anyone who had these need to give reviews for everyone to consider to buy for surveillance of driver behaviours,should they cut them off on purposes.I know about the GoPro but it costs $240-$300 and might be out of reach to other riders pockets.

1.How long the battery lasts before it needs to recharge? GoPro at 2.5hrs.

2.Good brands.Exclude the ones from Aldi in which it sells once a year in limited stocks.

3.How many hours in 2,4,8,16,32GB SDHC cards?And what class SD cards? It said class 4 or higher recommended.

4.Price to suit them and where from if possible.

Appreciate for the help and thanks.

Please do not post of your video rides in this thread.

If you want to add your video of your rides. Will you please put it in SC group On Yer Bike Videos?.

You can put snap shots of your video in this thread.

No off topics or thread derails please.Or it`s gone on next off topic.

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Did you get to test out the ReplayXD mini 1080 on the weekend Peter?

yes - it does what it says on the tin.

found the haptic feedback was useful (the Mobius I had to double check sometimes) 

helmet was 245g +85g it came to 330g - would have preferred the system to be lighter, but with its 130min recording time I commuted to/from work yesterday ( about 110min)  without having to recharge at work that's a plus for me.

Had a replayxd for over a year. Like the controls (vibrate so no need to take off helmet to check if it's on etc)  , case, battery time. Does al-right in the snow/water once you cover the micro phone hole. I've already written about it on this thread and a rip off has been posted on here for $70.

I'm thinking about trying to put together a one button start. Lights are easy (I ride with lights on all the time) , just apply power. Cameras will be a bit harder but the replays have a power on start recording feature, so should be doable. The gps may be bloody hard ...

185 g is way too heavy for helmet. 720p doesn't cut it anymore and manufacturers are moving to 1080p or already have.
Tachyon was a great option but they are discontinuing the 720 OSHD and bringing out a 1080. The battery life will come back from 5 hours to 2.5. Worth a look.

I agree that 185g is too heavy for the helmet ; it'll almost the same weight as a helmet!

- it's however pretty good as a quick slipon for the handlebar and looks easily transferable between bikes - if only it was 1080 and battery can last as long as it purported is to, I think it's a pretty good supplement.

At this stage the front is the ReplayXD (I would have got it at USD pricing, but I think it's killed by the Aussie tax) , I'm not in a real rush since I'm swapping between the SJ4000 (waterproof), and HD Wings (not waterproof and unfinished - thinking of Eclipse hacking it) - interesting! 48g, I wonder what the weight is with the rain-cover and contour mount.

Yes the Tachyon OPSHD is extremely attractive. I don't think the rain cover or the mount are heavy and you can skip the mount by using 3M Dual Lock tape, which is great because you can easily move it to different bikes and locations. Vids show it works well on bikes, but it's 720p. I emailed them and they replied they will ship a 1080p version on June 1 for USD$200. The downside is the battery life drops to 2.5 hours - still much better than Mobius at 80 mins. However, the Mobius problem can be bypassed using an inexpensive powerbank in your back pocket, so the Mobius wins on price. I don't know if you can record and recharge simultaneously in the same way with the Tachyon, but it probably says so on the website. To my mind, these two cameras kill all the opposition in the lower price range and the higher, simply because of their tiny size - and also because they <work>.

Oh, I also got an SJ1000 and it makes nice videos, but the mounts are rubbish and it's a medium sized pig. I will probably eBay it.

I'm a late starter, but have just ordered a GoPro on special from Cell. Best place to mount, A la Herzog with the ghost arms or helmet?

Bob, I have been using my GoPro mounted on my handlebars for a over a year, it works perfectly. One word of advice however - do not, under any circumstances, use the GoPro mounts, they are rubbish. They will snap and cause your camera to come off. Spend a few extra dollars on the K-Edge mount, either the saddle mount if you want the camera to face backwards or this one - for forward facing. I use this one -

Believe me, it's worth it. For a start, the GoPro mounts are cumbersome, cause the camera to shake and they break. The K-Edge is solid, stable, simpler to use and looks a lot better. 

You can also use the GoPro app for iPhone or iPad to control the camera, it's easier than using the camera itself, set the frame rate to 25fps for longer life. I use the add on battery and that gives me 4 hours of high quality footage.

Have you got a link for the Mobius Mount. They look excellent mounts but I'm having trouble wading through all the pages finding one for the Mobius.

I used one of these, be careful if ordering this from DealExtreme, as this item comes from their 'Australian' site and will need a separate order. The same item may be available on the Chinese site, I haven't checked. This item is plastic, mine haven't failed yet, but I'm on the lookout for an alloy version.

I think you can get the same fitting one some of the myriad of suction cup windscreen mounts they have.

I assume you already have the mobius clip in mount with the standard 1/4inch threaded fitting.

A nice and very cheap way to mount the Mobius is with 3M Dual Lock tape. You can buy this on eBay for not much. It's stronger and more rigid than velcro. There's a video of mounting a Tachyon camera with this tape, in various places around the bike. It's great because you can easily shift it to different bikes or locations, e.g. under your Garmin mount, or under your saddle, or atop your helmet.


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