Anyone who had these need to give reviews for everyone to consider to buy for surveillance of driver behaviours,should they cut them off on purposes.I know about the GoPro but it costs $240-$300 and might be out of reach to other riders pockets.

1.How long the battery lasts before it needs to recharge? GoPro at 2.5hrs.

2.Good brands.Exclude the ones from Aldi in which it sells once a year in limited stocks.

3.How many hours in 2,4,8,16,32GB SDHC cards?And what class SD cards? It said class 4 or higher recommended.

4.Price to suit them and where from if possible.

Appreciate for the help and thanks.

Please do not post of your video rides in this thread.

If you want to add your video of your rides. Will you please put it in SC group On Yer Bike Videos?.

You can put snap shots of your video in this thread.

No off topics or thread derails please.Or it`s gone on next off topic.

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Just a cheapo class 4.


Haven't had any issues. In fact I didn't even realise that in my good point and shoot normal camera (which has Full 1080P HD - AVCHD) I have been using a class 4 too - with no issues at all.


Don't know if I am convinced about the need for higher speed cards for general use, but certainly a class 4 is more than enough for the ebay cameras.


Taxi driver happy I had it this morning when a car just completely ran the red at Albion and Bourke Sts. Pretty decent collision, no one hurt though, but interestingly the airbags in the G6E (Ford) Silver Service taxi didn't go off either. Anyways gave him my card and told him the recording was available if it was needed, but the other guy admitted it he just didn't see the red (heading into the sun). Glad the light wasn't green for the cycleway...  


Nice cyclist/taxi relationship building that one!

My thoughts exactly. Trying to move past the us v them mentality. Neither of us are going anywhere any time soon. Better to play nice and help each other out where possible.

I too bought this camera. The problem I have with mine is if it is mounted on the handlebars. Every time I start to record, it gets my Garmin edge 800 to lose satellites. Moving it to my helmet stops that problem, but then the camera shakes around at speed. Sound is shocking, but who needs it? or you could use a cheap remote mic. Same problem as others, difficult to read rego plates. I cant moan at the price though.

Thank you all,

That answered my questions.I had found the cheapest on ebay that I`m going to buy 32GB and 8Gb cards to go with those 2 different cameras that I`ve bought.

Now the tricky part is when it arrives at my door is instuctions on how to get it ready for riding for the first time.

Off to eBay,I go for memory cards perve to buy. :)

I recieved a camera similiar to Andrew K last Friday after ordering 2 different cameras from ebay on Tues night 22nd and got a Crocolis HD Extreme Cam with 2 spare batteries today.The Crocolis HD was the fastest delivery from China and I thought that will take up to 3 weeks.Crocolis HD was from ebay seller ID - niximtech.

I`m yet to test it when I`m still awaiting for the memory cards to arrive in the post.

@Andrew K, I`d like to know on how to edit the footage should any problems arised in the future for the police to view on disc.

Can I PM you,Andrew.

Any help will be mostly appreciated.


Friend request sent so you can message.

Editing - I gave up on Windows Live Moviemaker (Windows 7 Premium version) because sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt even read the same .avi files ??? Interestingly though had no problems with the Windows Moviemaker version on Vista. One step forwards two steps back it seems for Windows.

Solution - Sony Vegas HD 11 (USD$44.95) as a download. Can trial for free first. Trims, edits, does everything except make DVD's and BluRay's. So you can save to hard drive, and one-click publish to YouTube and FaceBook if you are so inclined. I use it for other things too so I got the version with DVD and BluRay disc authoring and burning for USD$94.95 - Sony Vegas HD Platinum 11. Both versions work with AVCHD (.mts) files which is great because my normal video camera is a Sony full HD.


Of course if you are an Apple fan you just use iMovie. Much simpler.


I have one of these Crocolis HD Extreme cameras and have given it a review at

Whilst the quality of the camera is good (the audio is poor) its biggest failing is the very poor bike mount. The tripod mount screws into the camera body which is very week plastic and broke. The clip mount also doesnt handle bumps well with the camera popping out. The only mount that it comes with that is solid is the motorbike mount but that weighs almost 400g by itself.

I still use it with every ride but I'm now using a combination of zipties and bolts to create a custom (but dodgy looking mount). If I had to do my time again I would go with a GoPro or some form of slim/small helmet mount camera. 

Shaun, Thanks for your info,mine is orange stripe.I had read your reviews of it. Too late that I`ve already bought it but from what I see is that the clip mount will not withstand over bumpy surfaces at speed that I will be on road..So I will put zipties handy in case.

I`d like the GoPro but due to costs of adding extras of accessories that go with it is way over my budget.

Will be testing it probably at the weekend to see how it goes if I can get the memory cards from mail order of ebay by Friday beforehand or not?

I have had problems with eBay memory cards and had to throw them out. Including two rather expensive supposed 32G MicroSD class 10's. There is a lot of crap being sold. Officeworks and, Harvey Norman actually ahve some decent prices in 'throw out bins' for memory cards pretty regularly. Haven't had a problem with them, and they are much easier to take back.

i agree. i love ebay but a memory card is not something i would mess with and buy online unless you are very trusting of the seller.


i bought a class 4, 16gb card for my gopro and it cost $45...pricey but i can go back to the shop if i have gives me 2 hours 21 minutes in 960-50 widescreen setting....



Right,it looks risky to buy memory cards from ebay.That`s why I had to look for suppliers/warehouse and asked them questions before I committed to buy.I was told to buy from the seller directly and I told him that it`s against the ebay policy.I was given ABN by email and I looked up interweb and found his business is legitimate and was from Hornsby of the SansDisk microcards 4x8GB @$4.75c each and adaptors @.50c each.Will be waiting to see how do 32GB fared and if it got problems,then I have their email to contact back.

@biker1, Thanks for your info.


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