Anyone who had these need to give reviews for everyone to consider to buy for surveillance of driver behaviours,should they cut them off on purposes.I know about the GoPro but it costs $240-$300 and might be out of reach to other riders pockets.

1.How long the battery lasts before it needs to recharge? GoPro at 2.5hrs.

2.Good brands.Exclude the ones from Aldi in which it sells once a year in limited stocks.

3.How many hours in 2,4,8,16,32GB SDHC cards?And what class SD cards? It said class 4 or higher recommended.

4.Price to suit them and where from if possible.

Appreciate for the help and thanks.

Please do not post of your video rides in this thread.

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You can put snap shots of your video in this thread.

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From Kickstarter

Pledge from $AU450 or more by 19th March. After that it will retail at $AU660 in stores.

Run time of 2.5hrs but can be expanded by powerbank.

Only one size and it looks not good if it breaks when it hit the tarmac if you have an accident with careless drivers.

I`m not interested in this campaign.

Looks an interesting concept, yes there's a few down sides there isnt it. Points to what the future might be like. 

It's probably not going to make it
AU$ 31,555 pledged of AU$ 100,000 goal
I find these combination solutions weird. I'd rather buy a good helmet and a good light. Or a good camera and a good light. Speaking of which, I've just ordered a Runcam2, after my Mobius gave up the ghost - looking forward to trying it.

When I first got my Mobius cameras I mounted them both on my helmet - one facing front and the other looking back. I subsequently put the rear facing one on the bike because you could never tell what it was recording. You know that the front facer will record what you're looking at, but you really need to be recording what is happening directly behind, and this setup just doesn't do that. 

The front facer seems to be ok, but the rear looking one is a useless bit of gear on a helmet. 

I find rear camera more important when a sneaky driver does their 'I pay rego so I can endanger others'  thing.

sometime you swivel your head too quickly (in shock etc) and can't get a decent front picture whereas the the rear camera almost always has the criminal actions tracked before they pounce


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