Looks very nice, like a bicycle frame. 200 m span and only $39m.


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Updates and announcements - name your bridge

I'm going with something very original, Bridgie McBridgeFace

 Reynolds 531?

I wonder what the car toll would need to be on the Victoria Bridge to pay for this one.

Anyway I am pleased to have it, and use it I shall !!

Looks good.  What's the cycling facilities like on each side?

On western side it connects via Punt Rd to a shared path along the GW Highway, then on Imperial AV which parallels the highway for a km or so, then you are on your own.

On the east side it connects directly to the Mulgoa Rd/highway intersection via a shared path. So not too bad, but getting to Penrith Station doesn't look any easier- giant shopping centre blocks progress and intersections all multi stage disasters. 

Yes nice but I suspect it just mostly connects to the largely recreational riverside paths, $39m could have gone a long way to provide / fix a lot of cycling infrastructure and I like the old railway bridge's industrial brutalness, too bad it I hold up the traffic

was apparently cheaper and easier than a clip-on on the old bridge, which carries a big gas pipe on one side. Hope the new bridge might lead to pressure to improve access into Penrith shops and station.

While agreeing its a lot of money, the real $ issue is the lack of funding in general.  Currently we seem to have funding for one bridge a year and  not a lot else

The bridge was funded a few yeas back, maybe it should be called the Duncan Gay Cycling Memorial Bridge  as it marks the epoc of declining cycling in nsw (mission accomplished),  the current cycling budgets wouldn't even buy a can of white paint which makes "splashing" out on a bridge which isn't really going to lead to very much more cycling such a misallocation, it is pretty much in the Tibby Cotter mould, nice for an aimless pleasurable wander but doesn't really lead to/from anywhere you might want to go to on a regular basis. I will ride out that way sometime and have a look but don't see myself using it on a regular basis (unless Rob incorporates it in Wind It West or Dam Blue Hills).

A counter flow lane on Mitchell's Pass would have been so much more useful and way cheaper and the old bridge could be much more cycle friendly if they only did something with the drain depressions every 10m, some big cycle logos and big "motorists chill" signs.

PS The RMS project page says "the revised cost was $49m"

And outside of the big smoke there's 5/8ths of 3/6ths of stuff all spent.

stop whinging, you stole the supercars from us, isn't that enough?


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