Looks very nice, like a bicycle frame. 200 m span and only $39m.


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We didn't want them and now it looks like the businesses in the town are going to take a class action against the liarbrels for damages because of the stuff up that they made in the process of making the light rail run down Hunter Street instead of the rail corridor that they destroyed after promising no building on it; cycleways and parks for its length. Now, by shear chance, all of their developer mates are queuing up to build on it. Lying mongrels!

Supercars in Newcastle?  Oh dear we will need to add another lane to the motorway from Sydney so the supporters can drive up to Newccastle.

Hey Newcastle doesn't even have a train that goes to the CBD

good frame builders are hard to find.

The Duncan Gay Cycling Memorial Bridge

Too funny, I came here to post exactly the same name suggestion, for the same reason!

This year's Budget had $1,800m for Westconnex and $18m for cycling.


Dabba, there's a few $ for Newcastle in there, and $300 m for Country Bridges- woohoo!

Couldn't see any cycling stuff Bob. There's money for the bypass, which RMS planned to use to stuff up an important E/W cycleway. Hopefully that's been averted. They intended to cut the path with a busy 4-6 lane highway and make bikes and pedestrians use a signalised crossing that may allow them to cross occasionally. Think they've now conceded that breaking a long standing continuous route is not appropriate so we may get a bridge or tunnel.

According to https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au/newsroom/2018/06/19/nsw-budget-20... only major project is  Parramatta Escarpment Boardwalk


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