New AusRoad standards released for end of trip facilities

I've just started a new job back in the city and it's pleasing to see some great end of trip facilities.  My building basement has a large secure cage with a pump, showers with free towels, and an iron.  Well patronized too.

For anyone wanting to give their building owner information on how to build such facilities, here are the new AustRoads guidelines:

Bicycle Parking Facilities: Updating the Austroads Guide to Traffic...

This report provides recommended content for inclusion in the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management Part 11: Parking. This content guides the design of bicycle parking facilities and helps identify appropriate provisions of bicycle parking and end-of-trip facilities. Providing bicycle parking in accordance with the principles outlined in this report, can encourage bicycle use and the more efficient use high-value urban space.

Bicycle Parking Facilities: Guidelines for Design and Installation

This report provides information to assists in the design and installation of bicycle parking and end-of-trip facilities that are fit for purpose. The report provides recommendations, principles and examples of best-practice facility design. It also highlights common mistakes and suggests ways to improve flawed designs. The report expands on and complements information that is provided in the Australian Bicycle Parking Standard AS2980.3 and in the Austroads Guide to Traffic Management Part 11: Parking.

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