A lot of sad stuff on here recently. So back to a positive topic. Time for a new bike for commuting to work on. The current bike is completely flogged. So not really worth replacing every single component on.

Current Options

Giant Cross City 1 2018


  • carbon fork and seat post to take the sting of Sydney roads out of it.
  • matching racks and mud guards available. Important for carrying stuff to work in all weather.

Polygon i8 2016


  • belt drive (clean, low maintenance)
  • IGH

Any other suggestions?

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Have a look at the Cheeky Transport web page. They have several out- the- door priced Bombtrack bikes. You might chance one that works for you

Have you looked at the Path 9? Looks like quite the deal with racks, mudguards and dynamo

Nice bike, I was planing on putting a dyno hub on anyway. How would it go with the stiffer aloy forks and seat post?

Loving my new Giant Cross City 1 FWIW

Thanks Ben. Does the carbon fork and seat post really take the sting out of Sydney roads? Or was the guy in the shop having me on?

The 32c tyres if they aren't pumped to rock hardness will have 10 times the suspension impact of the seatpost or fork.

Oh well that's not hard, I only pump my tires up once every 6 months

I've been thinking of a single speed commuter for wet days - must have disc brakes (through axles only) and take mudguards.

If someone knows of a light weight single speed disc braked through axle bike that will take mudguards let me know.

Disc brakes required for stopping power in wet, and I prefer single speed/fixed to make it easy to wash/clean and it will double as a get around on weekends. 


I think Marksharky's post might apply to you. Cheeky has a few fixies. Their bikes are a bit out of my price league though.

Saw this one on Bikexchange, Marin Fairfax SC 6 DLX Speed Commute Bike 2017
Now AU$2,279 was AU$3,199, 11 speed Afline hub, belt drive, Dynamo, mud guards, rack.

At more than twice the price, is it worth it?

Mainly due to the hub gear I suppose. I guess they weren't selling at $3199. Yeah, I dunno, but could last well.


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