New Centennial Park Ped Xing was Implemented on Monday - Any feedback?

From CP:

As advised the crossing opened on Monday in a very low key manner.  Attached is the link to the Centennial Parklands blog which has more photos and general information about the crossing.    

We will have our staff on site handing out fliers from 09:00 onwards on Saturday and Sunday.  As indicated previously we would be happy to have any cycling organisations on site to help promote the safety message.  Rather than be overly formal and have allocated times, please feel free to come and go as your time permits.

Once again thank you for support.


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updated info above


It's change, so I don't like it!
In fact I almost never cycle there, but I still feel angry and betrayed.
Well, ring Alan Jones.;}

I'll be down there on Saturday morning to see how it's going and help out in the operating hours.  I'll report back after that.

Thing about children's crossings is that you are supposed to stop if a child is waiting to cross, so a bit more onerous than an ordinary crossing. I wonder if it will affect numbers of cyclists using the park? I guess they do counts.

One crossing in 4 kms isn't too bad Bob.

Wasn't complaining. Just wondering how it will work out and pointing out the requirement, Herzog. Could be in the category of being seen to do something though.

Sure I understand it wasn't a grumble. I was more addressing your query on whether it would drop cyclist numbers in the park.

To be honest I doubt it.

One crossing over 4kms, and even then there is only a chance that you may have to stop. In many cases the crossing will be clear, and you can sail on through.

Where else in inner sydney can you ride 4kms without stopping?

As an aside, the presence of crossings typically has a traffic calming effect.

There's strava segments through this section of the park right next to the kids track, and it's not a good look (riders doing 55-60 kph through there - in a 30 zone)

I'm regularly there in the early mornings.  I've never seen a little kid there using the cycle path when I'm training at that time.  Even on Saturdays, I'm gone by 8am.

It's a whole different place if you are there after 9am and when we went over for a Cycle Centennial meeting one Saturday at about 10am it was just bedlam.  

There are very few cyclists doing serious training at that time and those that are only do it once or twice because there's just too many cars, people and craziness.  The cyclists using the cycle lane at that time are riding round in circles, often slowly.  As it should be. 

The crossing doesn't start operating til 9am and finishes at 4.30pm.  

Anything you have seen on strava I am willing to bet it happened early in the morning.  

It's a compromise until the children's play area is moved. It is also for limited hours so those doing training early should not see any difference. We just need to see how it is working and suggest improvements.
Similar problems in NY Central Park. The cover photo on this doc looks just like our CP, only check the way the cyclists are riding !
They have been installing Ped crossings too.
Also came across a Protocol that the cycling clubs developedl, in response to lots of criticism of cyclists using the park.

Good find Bob.


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