New Centennial Park Ped Xing was Implemented on Monday - Any feedback?

From CP:

As advised the crossing opened on Monday in a very low key manner.  Attached is the link to the Centennial Parklands blog which has more photos and general information about the crossing.    

We will have our staff on site handing out fliers from 09:00 onwards on Saturday and Sunday.  As indicated previously we would be happy to have any cycling organisations on site to help promote the safety message.  Rather than be overly formal and have allocated times, please feel free to come and go as your time permits.

Once again thank you for support.


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Cycling Centennial are developing a similar protocol that the cycling clubs can sign up to. 

It's a bit hard to organise a collective response from all the other cycling users of the Park.

that was what the NY clubs said, hard to get casual cyclists, first timers, bike hirers etc to adhere to a protocol, but it could be put up on signs, given out at entrances, passed on to hirers, bike shops, local media, if it was thought worthwhile.

Bob, my observations over the weekend was that there was much more non-compliance from pedestrians than there was from cyclists. 

I suspect they are less frequent users of the park and therefore very hard to reach.  

The long term solution has to be to move the Children's Cycle Path into the middle of the park in my opinion.

Use the  car park in the Tafe on Darley rd, unused on weekends? just need a gate opposite, straight into that corner of CP.

Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club members went to Centennial Park to help the CP Trust with embedding the Children's CyclePath Crossing over the weekend.  I also saw Sydney CC Pres down there and I know a couple of other clubs were planning to be there.

The CP people staffing the crossing asked us to ride round talking to cyclists and ask them whether they knew about the crossing and what they thought about it.   This was fun and I met lots of people.  Even ended up having a discussion about reproductive technology! But I digress.

Generally the cyclists we spoke to were interested to know about the crossing. Some who were a bit grumpy about it got a different perspective when we told them it was a negotiated solution to a real problem. And that the first proposal was a lot worse. Everyone agreed that the timed solution was a good thing and were pleased to hear that one of the really positive outcomes was that there is an open dialogue with the CP Trust and that cyclists have an organised voice now.

We all met quite a few cyclists who were training but "Not usually here at this time". That's good, they'll go back and talk to their clubs I think.  I also met people who were first timers in the park and I experienced the crazy drivers who appear outside normal "training hours".

We did see people crossing in other places other than the crossing and parking where they shouldn't. I think that will be harder behaviour to change. It might be that we have to keep giving feedback about that if we see it. The rangers will also be able to enforce some of that.

It's important to note that the construction of the crossing is not yet finished. There are still the barriers to go in (some of this will be hedges that will grow) and flashing lights. This is scheduled over the next week. This will further effect behavioural changes I hope.

You speaks the simple truth, although if they just took all the car spots....

The problem with a zebra crossing is, I'm told, that it cannot be timed.  


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