The green, sustainable team is to be sponsored by one of the world's biggest explosives manufacturers, a company which seems to have trouble stopping nasty chemicals escaping from its plants.

Is this a good thing? Or is it a joke? (Boom, boom!)

EDIT: Here is the press release.

01 May 12 [May Fools' Day?]

Orica New Naming Rights Sponsor for GreenEDGE Cycling
Following one of the most successful debuts in the WorldTour of cycling,
GreenEDGE today announced a three-year co-naming sponsorship with leading
global mining services company Orica Limited. As of this year's Giro
d'Italia, the team will change its name to Orica-GreenEDGE.

"This is a rare and fantastic opportunity to secure the founding co-naming
sponsorship with this ground-breaking sporting venture. GreenEDGE is the
first Australian team at this level and it offers Orica a powerful sports
marketing platform, perfectly aligned with our values and drivers," says Ian
Smith, Managing Director and CEO of Orica.

"Cycling is dynamic, competitive and truly appeals to a global audience. We
have a lot in common with the team; we're both multi-national organisations
with an Australian DNA, and we share mutual aspirations driven by a focus on
innovation and team work. This sponsorship forms one of the strategic
platforms for Orica to increase its brand presence in key global markets and
we're convinced that the world-class performances of this team will help
provide ongoing global exposure," Smith continues.

Team founder and owner, Gerry Ryan said, "We're extremely proud to be
teaming up with Orica in our debut season and onwards. It's the perfect
partner for us and we couldn't have found a more ambitious and forward
thinking company to get onboard.

"We have had a dream start to our sporting goals, winning big races and
putting GreenEDGE on the map in professional cycling. This relationship with
Orica, and our existing partners, will continue to make GreenEDGE grow - for
the athletes, for our fantastic fans and for cycling in general. It's a
significant milestone for us," Ryan says.

The Orica logo will feature prominently on the team kit at its Grand Tour
debut and at this year's Amgen Tour of California. A whole new visual
identity for Orica-GreenEDGE will be launched before the world's biggest
race: the Tour de France at the end of June.

Orica will also become the co-naming sponsor of the women's team run by

GreenEDGE and Orica have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a
three-year sponsorship agreement.

About Orica:
 Orica is the global leader in explosives, mining chemicals and mining
services and Australia's largest chemical company. The company has operated
for nearly 140 years and employs more than 15,000 people in 50 countries.

Orica's core strategy is to be the global leader in the provision of high
service, critical consumables to the mining, construction and infrastructure
markets. Through the development of market-leading technologies, Orica has
improved the efficiency, productivity and safety of our customers'

About GreenEDGE:
 GreenEDGE is the newest team on the pro cycling WorldTour and the first
ever Australian team to make the most prestigious ranks of cycling. Created
by long-time backer of Australian cycling, Gerry Ryan and run by Shayne
Bannan who was the High Performance Director at the Australian Institute of
Sport for more than two decades. GreenEDGE got has gotten off to an
impressive start in its debut season, winning 11 races so far - including a
monumental win by Australian Road Champion Simon Gerrans in the classic
race, Milano-San Remo.

The team boasts some of most exciting talents in the sport and has a wealth
of experienced riders like Stuart O'Grady and Robbie McEwen to guide them.
GreenEDGE also runs the professional women's team, GreenEDGE-AIS, with an
equally successful debut season, boasting more than 14 wins, including the
classic, Tour of Flanders.

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Point of order, I just said the team Leopard was named after said tank - not sponsored by them.

Predictor is an Omega Pharma brand, as is Davitamon. They just rebranded the team at different times.

Pregnancy tests make an interesting marketing case study - essentially you have two target customer groups who are quite similar in every aspect apart from one: there are those who want to be pregnant, and those who don't, as you nicely alluded to.

You can sell exactly the same device to each group, just in different packaging and with a different name, and they will pay different prices for them. The "Don't" group will choose something clinical, give it a name that indicates speed and certainty (e.g. "Know Now" or "CliniTest"), sell it as a single unit in a plainish white box. The "Do" group will buy in bulk, and you but it in a baby-related colour box (think light blues and pink), and give it an aspirational, hopeful sounding name. You also position them in different places in the store - the "Do" device goes near the baby stuff, the "Don't" with the other hardware (and preferably handy to the prophylactics, so they don't end up in the same situation again!).

Now the question - which segment is prepared to pay more for what is essentially the same device?

Now back on topic, I'm trying to find out what is so evil about Quickstep's flooring products... No doubt their raw materials is sourced from unsustainable logging practices... I mean they are a WorldTour team sponsor, so they're dodgy by nature right?

You know way too much about this sort of thing. 

Yeah, for someone who'll never use one himself!

I thought all the TDF teams were sponsored powered by pharmaceutical firms. :-/

It's not only what Orica does, it's HOW they do it.

They have a reputation for repeatedly stuffing up.

Which came after a list of similar incidents that led to this toothless outcry.

So who would you get to sponsor them instead? The Salvation Army? Name any pro team in the country, in fact anywhere in the world and I'll give you a reason to say no. I can think of maybe one exception . . . . Barcelona - sponsored by Unicef. Though I have a few friends inside the UN that object to even this on the grounds that the money should be spent elsewhere.

perhaps sponsorship is the thing that ought to go.

Tdf predates sponsorship?

Would love a tour downunder that's not coal seam gas powered

though teams testing their sponsor's drugs would be cool. And we could have amateur teams too, team dexy, team meth, team ephedrine, team testosterone and such

Good to see the boys are working hard to cure childhood disease, hunger and poverty with every goal they score.

No one has mentioned BMC yet, they seem pretty kosher. Have a rooster too, from their website:

...-sized stage and one day races. Only three years later the BMC Racing Team is amongst the strongest teams in the UCI Pro Tour having a world class rooster for both major stage races as well as the classics. Already in 2010 Cadel Evans wore the ...

Well, that gives them another thing to crow about. (Oh come on, you were all thinking it.)

I guess we all hope he isn't a feather duster this year

Its about time poultry stepped up to the line, horses have dominated cycling for too long

Duel cycliste contre cheval: qui gagne? by LePostfr


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