New To Sydney - Route Suggestion From Inner West to Pyrmont?

Hi guys, 

I am moving to Dulwich Hill in a few weeks and I would really like to ride to my office on Union Street in Pyrmont.

I have had a look at Google Maps, and it suggests that I go via Parramatta Road, which I am assuming is not going to be particularly safe.

Can anybody to suggest a safe route?



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A Sydney Cycleways map is probably a better bet than Google. That said I do actually ride on parra road now and then.

I use to live in Dulwich hill

1. The Boulevarde to west st

2. Ride the footpath along the cresent past Petersham station to Crystal st and cross the train tracks

3. Turn right into York Cresent, which becomes a short bike path that connects onto Gordon cresent

4. From Stanmore station take Percerval rd, which crosses Paramatta rd to become young st

5. Left into Hutchinson st which becomes Railway pde and then under the tram line to the bay 

6. From there you can go left over Anzac bridge on the bike paths or right and around the bay on bike paths finishing with footpath to the fish markets

There's a number of routes you could take thru Annandale to incorporate some more bike path and laneways along Whites creek or Johnsons creet

Back in 2011 the NSW (then Labor) government proposed a "Greenway" cycle/walking route from the Cooks River at Dulwich Hill to the Parramatta River at Leichardt largely along the Hawthorne Canal which would have been ideal for your commute. But the anti cycling Liberals were elected and they canned the idea as being too expensive (over estimated at $30m but they could find 10s of billions for cars)

The local councils have kept the idea alive and have done some work on the route (but not spending much money) so check out what is possible along there, some people here are more up to date on this and they may have recent information,

Your route would then be much like the 33 minute option but following the canal , less motor vehicle infested roads and more a regular bicycle commuter route. Again but, major motorway works around Lilyfield Rd and Victoria Rd will impact the bicycle route for some years, some bits already but major disruption from mid this year. Still a very possible and not too unpleasant ride, do it.

I used to use much of this route before it was a "thing" and just a bunch of roads, so still possible


Thanks for the feedback guys - I will take a look and suss something out.

I live in the Dulwich Hill area and cycle through Pyrmont. I generally use the Grosvenor Crescent rail underpass (off the big roundabout at Summer Hill) then immediately turn right onto the Greenway shared path. Follow that all the way down to Lilyfield Road. There are parallel roads off the greenway most of the way which can be used if you'd prefer to avoid the shared path, ie. i find Hawthorne Parade pretty good for cycling. Right turn up Lilyfield Road, up onto the Anzac Bridge and then you're in Pyrmont. Easy and quick. 

I find Lilyfield Road eastbound a little bit interesting at times. A few close calls and i now try to avoid. I find westbound easier going. I have discovered all the back streets of Lilyfield and Callan Park a great way to avoid Lilyfield Road and enjoy some quiet cycling. I like that it adds a few more km's to the ride. 

I think give a few options a try and see what works and what doesn't. I've explored a lot of different route options over time, and i also change my route each day depending on how much time i have

Lilyfield Rd footbridge at Victoria Rd to be demolished in March, requiring lengthy detours. Westconnex works at The Crescent will muck up the route down Brenan St and Railway Pde. Allen St/Moore St/Booth St/Alexandra Dr route from Hawthorne Canal still OK, through to Pyrmont Bridge Rd.

or perhaps best just to go straight to Pyrmont Bridge Rd, which a lot of commuters use, via The Boulevarde, West St, Railway Tce (soon to get a shared bike path on one side), Crystal St (there is a shared path over the railway bridge) Douglas St, Albany St, Bridge Rd, Parramatta Bus Lane, Pyrmont Bridge Rd to Wattle St, then use shared path around side of Fishmarket, cross slip road and Bank St under flyover at ped lights, (or use PB Rd if confident of holding lane position etc) and left into Bulwarra Rd to Miller St up to Harris.

Return much the same way but a number of variations possible, like avoid the Glebe Pt Rd/PB Rd intersection by nicking up Colbourne St and using St Johns Rd down to Junction St, then rejoining PB Rd. Then a dash on  Parramatta Rd or use the footpath to Bridge Rd and onto Mcaulay or Albany or various streets through Stanmore.

Bob.  Are Bicycle NSW involved in any discussions with WestConnex?  I can’t say l’ve heard BNSW make any media statements regarding these problems created by WestConnex! ..... or is it being left to you and your terrific group to once again battle this out?

BNSW has been behind a petition on the detours for cyclists, see their website.  They have organized several meetings with John Holland and RMS, but its a stalemate now. We dont like the detours and arrangements during construction, but they cant offer anything else it seems. BNSW and we have asked for  another meeting soon, as the footbridge is due to be demolished in March last we heard.

We did get a victory on The Crescent, where a proposed three stage ped crossing at Johnston St has been withdrawn, plus we get a shared path ramp up from The Crescent (near the mural) to the proposed Green Link over City West Link into the proposed new Railyard park, which will link to Anzac Bridge. But they want to trade that off for not constructing another bike bridge over the CWL further east, that would avoid crossing The Crescent. 

Without people like you Bob cycling would be totally screwed.  Appreciate your efforts

Kind words Mike but i seem to be just reporting bad news often. Some more news is that the Bay Run (major commuting route from the west) will be cut near UTS Rowing Club, Haberfield,  from about Feb or March as the path is reconstructed and widened along the seawall section. Cyclists from Fivedock or on the Bay Run will have to detour from Timbrell Drive. The suggested route by Inner West Council is up Mortley St and over the Haberfield ridge to Hawthorne Canal. The problem is, similar to the problem at Victoria Rd caused by the loss of the footbridge, there is a poor crossing of the City West Link with no provision for cyclists. At least council has given us a heads up on this, and we will be asking for a proper bike crossing there, which is needed anyway. RMS will then no doubt be involved, so another battle looming. 


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