In 2013 I resolve to report potholes and other road infrastructure issues.

Here's how to do it

Members of the public can report potholes or road damage to RMS on 131 701 or by using the Contact Us form. If the report relates to a council managed road, RMS will pass on the information.

Like many people, I find it too easy to whinge or just hope that the Council or RMS notices a hole and fixes it. But when I have reported it, the hole got fixed.  

What are your cycling related resolutions?

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Mmm top idea.

For me it is to:

1) cycle where attacks and errors are less likely

2) follow through with the legal discoveries of 2012

3) focus on driver / govt psychology and mental health aspects of ill behaviour

And 4) to replace the daily shop-for-a-planned meal to start with the ingredients I have and are growing, and to design the meal(s) of the day to use them and what's in season or otherwise inexpensive.

Only shop for what I don't have, consider sports nutrition and continue to ease weight back. Eat better and more wisely.

Take ingredients to work which I can prepare there, proper scoff not bloomin sambos.

Mine is to start logging and dobbing in any council who still use storm water grates which can swallow a bicycle wheel. No one can justify these things in and around Sydney nowadays.

Downhill heading south on Burns Bay Road is first on the list. (Thinking a copy to the same  and a BCC sent to this lot may help move things along )

Guerilla plate welding? Filling with cement??

I have just sent off an request to CoS to replace the 3 grates outside the MCA along George St.

I keep thinking I need to report them but forget when I get to work.

Good on you!  Nothing like getting started early.  

fyi : When I wrote into Ashfield council, maybe 2 years ago about grates, their reply was that they would pretty much only be replaced when the old grates were damaged / changed.

Dear council,

My clients front bicycle wheel got stick in your grate on road XXX.

After getting out of hospital with a fractured skull, a broken tibia and collar bone, my client was forced to remove my bicycle (which fortunately was still there, God bless modern LED technology) using an angle grinder.


My Clients Solicitor.

Send that to them and see what the response is!

- get wife cycling

- use bike more, and car less

Jon,  I don't know which area of Sydney you live, but if it's north of the Harbour, your wife might be interested in one of Bike North's Bike for Life courses - aimed at adults who can at least sit on a bike and go forward but need to build skills and confidence.  

Come to think of it, I probably should put these as event on SC.

I think it's going to be more of the same
. Ride more.
. Winge less.
. Be better at what your doing whether on the bike or at work.
. Find the hard way, find the hills avoid the flats
Happy new year everyone.

New Year Res

- Ride more & increase the distance

- Eat less, drink more

- Get more adventuress 

- Nurture my inner hippy experience through my bike & clothes

- Count to 100 + before chucking a wobbly

- I plan to take photos & send them to the council to save the roads & paths 

- Try to be more courteous & well mannered in life and on the roads/paths


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