Hi everyone,

My New Years cycling resolution has been given to me as a challenge - sort of. My wife (who does not cycle) has challenged me to ride from Campbelltown to Canberra. I gather she saw the you tube video of the guy who rode from Campbelltown to Canberra (I suspect he may have only made it as far as the northern part of the ACT) in one day.

I won't be doing it in one day but I would like to do the ride from Sydney to Canberra. I am thinking about doing it on a ordinary everyday bike - to demonstrate to the ordinary Joe that you can do tours on a recreational road or mountain bike. I am even contemplating doing the ride as a DIY charity ride.

I have a lot of research to do to sort out the route, schedule and workout if it will be a credit card tour or include camping etc. I also intend on kitting out my single speed with a Duomatic Hub when I get around to buying the matching wheel. All this on top of doing my usual 10,000 km a year. 

What is everyone else planning to do next year? 

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Nothing quite so lofty or grand, but I outlined mine earlier today here - http://bastardsheep.com/2013/12/30/i-actually-accomplished-somethin...

The tl;dr version is my cycling has always been VERY sporadic due to being overweight & a smoker (the latter of which I stopped last year).  This year, earlier this morning to be precise, I accomplished 2013's goal of 500km.  This may be a mere fortnight or couple of days worth of riding for most of you, but for me it's 3 times more than I've ever done in a year.

2014's goal is to quadruple this years goal.  2000km.  To do this I can do the same length rides, but I will also need something I didn't have in 2013, consistency.

Two main cycling goals for 2014 are:

1.    A solo tour of the snowy/alpine areas 4 to 5 weeks in march/april  (make up for all those missed alpine classics : ))

2.    I've signed up for the Audax Perth Albany Perth in October. 1200km's in 90 hours, that'l wake the body up and blow off some cobwebs.

3.    Oh and a third, is to get fit enough to do them.

I want to enter twice as many races as I did last year. What do you reckon, N/A?

So you mean two, then?

How many will you actually turn up for?

(Oh, and just to be pedantic, as Audax rides are not races, the AAC doesn't count as a race. So how many "races" did you enter this year? And why aren't you in Sri Lanka?)

I will try to enter the same number next year as I entered this year.

Your saying "just to be pedantic" suggests that there are times when you are not. A curious contention yet to be demonstrated.

I am not in Sri Lanka because Mudgee is not in Sri Lanka. Happy?

As for races. I enter races and don't ride them. You ride races without entering...

And if the AAC isn't a race, I guess you didn't lose to me in January. Congratulations!

Autumn - 1500k tour of SW slopes, Snowy, CW slopes

Spring - 2500k tour - Adelaide > Melbn > home

News resolution.

Ride more.

Bitch less.

Take the harder route.


So I did.

Did 26km ish this morning road Carrington rd both ways.

Road around Centennial park and had my bum handed to me by a peloton of ladies (very humbling)

Did the Hills of the 'Junction' Linden, Wollerroy and Wallis st.

Back around the park, had bum handed to me by the same peloton.

Home and a chat with you guys.

A good day so far.

Happy new years


Nice!  - I'll aim for 2 out of 3 of yours.

I've already started on New Years Resolutions - started spreading my wings to non North Shore locations. Rode to Parramatta and La Perouse & Eastern Suburbs last week. Lovely!

In 2014 I'd like to do some kind of credit card tour on my road bike. Travel only with a spare pair of knicks, jersey, tooth brush. I'm thinking Sydney to Melbourne in 5 days or so. Maybe time it with Easter and have the family fly down & meet me there for a weekend away. Or something similar.

If you do the Canberra trip on an ordinary Joe bike drop me a line and if the timing works I would love to join you. I would ride my Merrida Expresso, as urban a bike as you can get. I like your style; you don't need a special bike to do special things cycling. My wife and kids have proved that to me many times over. 


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