The proposed $164 million CycleSafe Network would be the basis of an Australian-first study into the economic, health and environmental benefits of building “active travel infrastructure” by offering a safer, easier way for people to commute to work, study and school.

Linking the hunter through cycle pathways

THE cost of building the extensive CycleSafe Network could be recouped within seven months, according to current methods of assessing the value of infrastructure projects...

But committee chairperson Megan Sharkey said the Transport for NSW tool used vague estimations for the health and environmental cost benefits, which was why a research project was essential to help present a clearer picture.

Paving the way for active lifestyles

Transport Minister Andrew Constance said last month that he wanted Novocastrians leaving their cars at home when they came into town. 

Public transport is part of that, but so too is an extensive cycle network that is easy to access and safe to use.

In fact, Mr Constance has said that he’d like cycleways to be a key part of the city’s transport mix into the future.

Editorial: Cycle network would ease Hunters traffic


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Those comments by Andrew Constances are laughable when the planning for the white elephant of a 2.7km light rail system includes absolutely zero allowance for cycleways, despite massive disruption and reconstruction of the Newcastle CBD.

Otherwise, this is all good stuff and another step in a very long process that the Newcastle Cycleways Movement has been quietly pushing for over many years.

"another step in a very long process that the Newcastle Cycleways Movement has been quietly pushing for over many years."

More than 40 years!

Time to get excited when money is committed.



What a goldfish Constance is.  Given that he can forget that they closed the railway, will undoubtedly forget all of this when it comes to needing a cycleway out of the way for a liberal party bribe donors real estate project.


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