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I'll definitely have my front and rear lights on steady as I did last year. 

Flashing lights suck, they only exist to highlight a bicycle as an unexpected hazard. In a big group they're not necessary. 

Well last time you were way too quick for me. Although some of us might need a reminder (perhaps including me) I'm sure whoever you're riding with will switch them to steady.

There were quite a lot of people who didn't want to switch their lights to steady last time, mostly due to the need to conserve power.

My goal for this time is to avoid having anyone ask if I'm epileptic. (I'm not.) I get that question a lot for complaining about flashing lights (not just the ones on bikes).


Yeah i'm gonna make this one, excited

I'd love to attend this, but I dont know if I could make the distance :( I've done the Bobbin head 100km and a waterfall run before, but i dont know if i could do 150+kms...

Is there usually a group of slowbies there that stick together and wait for people?

100km is the longest I've ever done myself. I reckon I'll arrive at lunchtime :D

Last year there were people that finished just before sun rise as well as people who finished around lunch time the next day.

If you can ride 100km you can do this, no problem. Just stay within yourself, particularly on the climbs at Mt White and Mooney Mooney, keep yourself fed and hydrated and you will be fine.

there certainly is...

I did it last year having only done my usual 20 odd km (each way) commute from parra area to hornsby as preparation.

There is a couple of testing hills but you get to go down the other side of each of them.

Well timed rest stops (Mt White, Gosford maccas and Doyalson) split the journey up too making it doable.

I was surprised at how easily i completed the distance which was double the longest ride (GONG ride) i'd ever done before.  

Last year I was in that group. We acted like a collector gradually catching everyone that fell behind, which was actually not that many people (perhaps surprisingly?)I don't think anyone from the group actually made it to the end. I had to pull out due to what was probably heat stroke. Another person had to get back in time for  wedding I think.

So while there will be no official group, we seem to be a rather social bunch. I'm sure you'll find a group to ride with.

>Is there a group of slowbies?

Well, I'll be in a group for slowbies.  My first imperial 100 I was around 15km/h for the first 80km, and then cracked down to 10-12km/h :).  I'm sure if you get to the Hill and shout your preferred long distance average, you'll find a bunch :).

I will be in the slowbie group.  I was a DNF last year as I ran out of time and had to get back for something on Sunday.  I won't have that problem this year.  Nor will I take the wrong turn that I did last year that took me to Wyee.

Who else is in the slow group?  


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