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Don't worry about it too much. There are not likely to be any cars on that section, particularly from Calga to the Central Coast Hwy. 

Make sure you have working lights, I take three with me when I know I am going to be riding in the country at night (and I have them flashing). 

In one ride I've had one tail light taken off a failing mudguard, another which ejected itself and got caught under the brake bridge causing a very quick stop and the last borrowed one go flat on me. 3 head lights is not a bad idea.

Does Audax US or Europe have a 2 sets of lights rule?

Have been waiting ages to do this but cant find a weather forecast I like at the moment. 7 or 8 hours of riding in the dark and rain? Nope...

According to Accuweather, ~16% chance of rain through the entire night.

1 hour, 1mm rain is the latest per Accuweather for Saturday night. 

Dont mean to to be the party poop but  its not Sydney I am worried about. I am looking more at Gosford and the surrounds.

Yeah.... thats looking pretty bad actually... 70% chance of rain throughout the night....

True. Gosford looks worst -  10mm over 5 hours.  Wyong 4mm 2 hours and Newcastle and Sydney 1 to 2mm and 1 hour. 2 days out is pretty vague. Worth keeping an eye on. 

Doing this route for the first time in the dark was a pretty big decision for me. If its going to be pouring, im most probably gonna have to bail :( Ill just have to play it by ear on the night.

Can always start it and see how it goes. Could probably do up to Mt Colah as a last chance to turn around point or something

Yeah this is a good plan. Start and assess as we go. Also, I've already ordered my pasta meal! 

I'll make sure I wear my SC badge with Bert and Ernie on it.

See you all there, rain, hail or shine. well maybe not shine, that would be a little strange...

well maybe not shine, that would be a little strange...

Not necessarily. There will be a near-full moon reflecting sunlight back to you through any gaps in the clouds.

Let's hope they are big gaps, too!


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