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For people coming from western Sydney:

Don't forget that trains are not running this weekend on the western line, west of Granville. No guarantee that the replacement buses will take your bike.

Having just shampooed, conditioned and blow-dried the chain, my second kid has gone down with a nasty throat and cough.

I is now out and I is mighty cranky.

Good ride to all the overnighters.

Pity about that baabaa, but at least the chain remains clean (and dry!)
Too excited to catch shut eye! Arggh!

finally closing up the shop, heading over to the pasta party and then the ride! Very excited!

Got to Hornsby, despite have two rear lights, 4 high viz including ankle strap, I was passed closely by 3 vehicles along pacific highway , 2 of them when there wasn't anyone on their right lane.

Coupled with limited visibility (I wear prescription glasses) I decided to take the softest of the soft options and am writing this on the train back for a warm bath.
Next year, maybe. Hopefully there will be lasik improvements by then too.
Wishing the other over nighters a great ride an wonderful sunrise in Newcastle.

Rained-on spectacles at night, no thank you.

Wise move. Enjoy the bath. 

Yes, possibly the weakness of Rudys + Rx lens made it that much worse when rain gets onto both lenses. - Despite the cycling cap!

Hey Peter - you got further than me!  

I'm not telling you the brand of my mascara! 

Same here. Assisted a young lady to st Leonard's then rode on to Hornsby where we were soaked through. I was starting to shiver so we called it an evening and rode back to my mates. Hopefully when the weather is better we'll do it one evening. Oh well I'm warm now. All the best to those still out there.

Only started to shiver while waiting for the train.

Didn't want to sit on train seats with wet chamois so it was a 1h45m stand back, (including wait for change of trains etc) back to Canterbury - that about the same time it took me to get to Hornsby, funnily enough.

It was shocking weather.

I was going to ride down to the start to see you all off and ride up with you to Hornsby or Mt Colah, but it was raining so hard I just couldn't do it.

Got up for a pee around 3am and the sky was clear and the moon was shining brightly.

I sure hope the gang got some of that before it started raining again.

On the glasses side, I wear prescription glasses also. I can also wear contacts and wonder whether contacts and standard Oakleys/whatever would be an improvement. I'm short sighted, so crap on my lenses really bugs me!


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