A bit mysterious, definitely unofficial, should be a bit of fun...


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It would be a bit over 5 and half hours for me (presuming its not an effective drafting bunch and there is no wind), and I'd have to do something about total light burn time.

I'll be in, just might drop out about Milsons Point though. Hope it goes well, do the organizers have public liability insurance?

What organizers...?

You, by promoting the ride.

I am not organising it, just passing on a flier that was brought to my attention.

Could be enough for a smart lawyer who knows his public liability stuff. Only joking I guess, but have a chat to Phil Johsnton from Muggacinos about the legal aspects.

From the website

Small print:

On the night you will be asked to sign a risk waiver in return for receiving a route sheet and participating in the ride. This waiver is the means by which you acknowledge that cycling involves certain risks and that you will not hold the organizers responsible for any injury or loss that may occur.


and here I was all fingers crossed that you had this old royal antler hotel tune up as the link.


(oh well, those ' the days but at least even then we would ride the bikes to Narrabeen to see em. The ride home was also very dark, and slow and long and had too many beers and ....)

Great idea. I wish I could be there but am already committed to activities on the Sat & Sun. Bugger.

I saw a couple of flyers on my way home from the CBD today.

Maybe next time. I hope it all goes according to concept. Obviously, a plan does not exist, otherwise it would be a planned ride :))

Just a bump as this ride is coming up this weekend - more info on the website now, including the route map.

sounds like fun...enjoy


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