A bit mysterious, definitely unofficial, should be a bit of fun...


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You'll be there to see the races, no doubt, Dabba. Or do you have some compelling drying paint to watch?  ;-)

Drying paint is too much excitement for a geriatric like moi, so I'll probably resort to eyelid inspections!

Anyway you would get too much exhaust soot, particulate matter, brake lining, ash stuck in the wet paint, air quality through the central Coast not looking great, big plume of smoke on the radar from Gospers Mountain / Colo Heights, anyone in that area?

And their headline act for the Saturday night concert has cancelled their tour of Oz due to a band member being crook. So, they have KISSed their big attendance numbers goodbye and cancelled the Supercars concert altogether.

Smoke is blowing across the Central Coast north of the Hawkesbury River with a westerly wind.


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